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She is a forty nine year old woman with dark brown hair and is the kind of person who brings joy to everyone. Born and raised in Ohio, she has spent several years as a hairstylists. Owning a business and taking care of her family is very tough along with a second job. My mother Michelle is one of the most important people to me. Having four kids to worry about Is also one more thing making her life tough. I am grateful for all the things she has done for me like putting a warm delicious plate of food on the table in front of me, giving me a comfortable bed for me to lay down on, and even giving me a home for me to live in. I am so very appreciated by all of these things. My mom, an important person , has impacted my life because she gives me advice, helps me, and teaches me life lessons.

My mom is very special to me, yet one specific way she has impacted my life is by giving me advice. This helps me a lot because she will tell me how to deal with my friends, school, and other things. Her advice has given me strength and confidence to do the things I want in life. Whenever I need it she is always there for me. Her advice is good to have especially because I am at a young age and I am in middle school. It has made me feel good about myself and I am thankful to even have her here for me. She is the only person I will turn to for advice. Certainly, my moms advice has given me a lot of good thoughts and confidence.

My mom is so very helpful to me, therefore she helps me when I need it. I usually need help with my homework or when I am having a problem with friends. It is very important to me, and without it I wouldn’t get any. My mom also helps me by teaching me how to do things on my own. She is very great to me she will sit down and go over my homework with me and talk to me about my friends. My mom will always no matter what, help me whenever I may need it. Obviously, I value my mothers help, and will need it throughout the rest of my life.

My mother has taught me impotant things, yet the most important is life lessons. My mother teaches me the same things her mother has taught her growing up. She teaches me things like what I may have to go through or what growing up will be like. My mom tells me what it was like for her and why it can be tough. I need to learn these things so that I don’t take the wrong path in life. Moms surely teach their children the best. My mom will help me forever. I hope to stay on the right track and do well in my future. I want to remember everything she has taught me and thank her. Truly, this is why I think life lessons are the most important to learn as you grow.

Everyone needs a role model to successfully explore and learn new things in ths big world. They all need someone to count on. That is why I am thankful for my mother Michelle LaFever. Sometimes I get upset over her expectations of doing things right, but I realize that I need her here for me everyday. She has given me the strength I need. Without her great influence and support, I wouldn’t be able to achieve life goals. My mother has taught me how to show compassion to others. Her presence has made my life much more bright. Thankfully she is here for me. My mom, an important person, has impacted my life because she gives me advice, helps me, and teaches me life lessons.

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