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My Use of ICT Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

ICT affects our life in many ways and I have been asked to perform an investigation and show my results in the form of a report. This report will include my experiences. I will be commenting on the following topics:

a) Describe how students use ITC in doing their work at home and at school/college.

b) Describe how an adult in employment use ITC doing their work, including the ways it has had an effect on his/her working style

c) Descride how a person with with special/particular needs uses ICT to help them.

d) Describe how ICT is used in your local community.

e) Consider the legislation that protects individual and group from the misuse of ICT.

The technology I use at home

The technology I use at school


Computer software



Digital camera


Computer (software/hardware)


Game console


Radio/CD player


DVD player


At home

E-mail can send message, notes, picture and letter across the world. With e-mail you can send message to friends to see how they doing are to send a joke or two, or to you’re firmly to see how they are doing. One of the biggest advantage for e-mail is had it is faster than sending a letter by mail, because sending by e-mail across the world only takes a second or two, but by mail it could days or weeks. The one big disadvantage for e-mail is that people can send a virus by e-mail which could attack the computer.

Computer software

At school

The computer software in school can be slow at time and fast at times and can sometime not be working. Some of the software we use in school are programmes like Microsoft word, Excel, Publisher, power point and access are the programmes we use, but I have also use programmes like prodecktop, help to make 3D pictures also paint, which is programmes were you draw picture and a make a background picture for your desktop. The advantage for using programmes and other software is that you write letter, draw picture, make 3D pictures, you can make power point presentation for pieces of work, use number in excel. The disadvantage for using these programmes is some times they do not work, some times the programmes do not save your work and some times they are slow, but they work ok and you can do your work on these programmes.


At home


adband is one of the newest and fastest thing on the net. Broadband can send e-mails in seconds, can

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download files, games and picture ten times then the normal internet. Broadband can connection to the net in seconds compared to the normal internet which could take up to five minutes to sign on to the net. The main advantage for using broadband is that it is 10 times faster, you can also download and send file at a faster rate, it can also be wire less connection, and you can also watch live news and sport. The only disadvantage for using broadband is that you have to in area which can connect to the broadband network for it to work and connect.


At school

We use projectors in school to show pieces of work on a big screen, so everyone can see it, the school also uses projector to show what work we are doing so it save paper time and money. The advantage for using projectors is that you can see work for the back of the class, work is projected on to a screen so we can see it and also it save paper by only needing a piece of paper in sanded of 30 piece of the same work. The disadvantage for using projectors is that you can’t see the work on the screen if the sun is shining on the screen the screen and sometimes the projectors do not work or you can’t see the work.

Digital camera

At Home

A digital camera can take digital image which can be send by e-mail to a computer or you load up the image via a ubs port once the image have be loaded up on the computer you can diseased what you want to do with them, like you can print them out, save them as picture or save them as wallpaper. The advantage for using a digital camera is that you can send picture from the camera to a computer via a e-mail are a ubs port plus you can delete picture after you take them, and digital are easier to use and you do not have to wait weeks for the picture to come through. The disadvantage for using digital camera is that the disk can be clear and you loss all your image and you can easily delete the wrong image.


At School

The internet at school is the normal net slower then broadband and slower to use, also you sometime can’t find what you are looking for, also the school internet can be shut down, not work or they block you for using it. The school internet is slow because it is normal net and over 100 people can be using the net at one time, so slow the net down. The advantage for using the internet at school is that you can get work which will help you, it runs on the fastest flash player and work if over a 100 people are using it at the some time. The disadvantage for using the school internet is that they block web site like google, it sometime don’t work and it can be very slow at times.

Computer (software/hardware)

At Home

The computer software and hardware I use at home are programmes like Microsoft word, Microsoft works suit and pc games. Computer hardware I use are things like the keyboard, mouse and a joystick for fly games. The advantages for using computer software and hardware is you use programmes like word to tape letter or to do homework on, the work suit can be used to make card letter heads and has letter format. The advantage for using computer hardware is that they help you like the keyboard help you tape because it has all the letters in front of you, the help you point on the programmes you want or the computer would have to have a touch screen or a built in mouse, which can move the mouse when screen is touch. This can make thing easier and this mean you don’t use the mouse all of the time.

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