My view on talent shows in China Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

My views on the Talent Show Programs
Talent shows are getting increasingly popular among china’s national and local TV programs nowadays. No one would deny that the programs bring great entertainment in our daily life and relaxed us by watching vigorous personal shows. However, some people think that they have negative influence on society. As far as I am concerned, the main reason that such kind of programs enjoying widespread popularity is that they help some ordinary people with performance talent realize their dreams by offering them the platform to show themselves. They show their talent by singing dancing doing magic or imitating celebrities. Some of them even can become stars overnight. Even if they could not become famous, the whole progress can also enrich their life experience, which to a certain extent can make their life more colorful and wonde

rful. In this way such programs provide cost-free opportunities to anyone who wants to show his real

self before everyone on TV and encourage more people to fight hard to make their dreams come true. What’s more, with people’s economic level highly improved, more and more people could not be satisfied only by material conditions and are seeking for spiritual and cultural activities.

At this time Talent Show Programs catch their attention and bring them pleasure and entertainments. Actually, it is a wonderful way to relax by watching ordinary people becoming famous and win cash prizes through this kind of show. On addition, it is no doubt that such programs have created a great impact on the television industry of China. The Super girl is the most representative one which are always enjoying high rating. However, every coin has two sides. Though Talent Show Programs truly bring us lots of pleasure, it has caused many negative effects, especially on the youth. For example, many students have spent too much time and money in the pursuit of various programs, which affects seriously their poor studies. What’s more, the programs give them illusion that fame can be gained overnight. All in all, we cannot live without amusement. As long as the talent show could entertain and inspirit us, there is great sense to encourage them. It would be better if we could minimize the disadvantages. For example, the society can lead the teenagers in a proper way and the government should take measures to control advisably.

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