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Las vegas is located in America in the desert state of Nevada. Although, you will think what is so special in a city in the desert,it is like any other city. As I have been there I know the beauty of it. It looks as if it is a shimmering, sparkling star in the sky. Las vegas is a tourist spot. People from all over the world come here to see its beauty or gamble. Our trip was planned for seven days. I traveled there with my Uncle,Aunt and grandparents. First, when I was told about visiting Las vegas I was a bit skeptical about it. I thought to myself why would anyone visit a desert city for a vacation? But, after we landed I realized the reason why people get enamored with this beautiful city. It was like a paradise in in the desert. On the first day when we reached Las vegas was 13th May. We went to pick our rental car and checked into our hotel. Our hotel room was like a fully furnished house. We got refreshed and went for sightseeing. We saw some hotels from outside. We also saw fountains of a seven star hotel Bellagio. It was my favorite hotel. A song was played there and the fountains danced on its beats. The next day was Saturday. We went to the vegas strip where we went to a hotel MGM grand where we saw lions. There were two of of them, a mother and a baby. They were very kind to each other.

Then we went to see Bellagio where they had created the theme of spring. It had thousands of real flowers. It had a giant wheel, moths and butterflies. Then we went to Paris where they had created a replica of the Eiffel tower. Inside they had created the theme of Paris and the sun setting. It was beautiful. We also went to New York where which has the theme of New York. The hotel architecture and the interior design was of the New York city. Inside the hotel they had made a replica Statue of the Liberty by jellybeans. We had some snacks and went to our hotel and we rested for an hour. Oh I forgot to tell you that the actual beauty of Las vegas is at night as all the hotels light up. At night we went at the top of the Eiffel tower. From there I had a aerial view of the whole of Las vegas. I could not believe my eyes. On Sunday we left for death valley which is located in California. There was not much to see but the view was beautiful. After two hours we reached date ranch. There were many date palms there.

As it was deep inside the desert I wondered how these people could survive in such harsh conditions with no mobiles, televisions etc. then after two hours we reached Death valley. There I saw many salt flats. Then I read something that shocked me I read that we were actually 282 feet below sea level. I asked my aunt how did such a huge sea disappear my aunt told me that there was a earthquake and a volcano which destroyed the sea. As we got down from the car there were winds around 100 km per hour. I could barley walk there. I took a layer of salt and lo and behold I found water there I was astonished by this amazing discovery. We sat in the car and drove back. The next day we left for the grand canyon. It was a two and half hour drive. We passed the Hoover dam. The last 36 miles to the Grand canyon was a dirt road. On the west side of the grand canyon suspended 4000 feet above the Colorado river shaped like a horse shoe and has a glass bottom. On some the points there were no fences so I stayed away from the steep edges.

Finally we went to the sky walk. I saw the Colorado river, it has almost dried. The river had turned into brown from its blue color due to severe weather and dry conditions. The guide person told me that it only takes 13 seconds to reach to the bottom of the pile of rocks. There at guano point I went inside the tents of the Indians I had a lot of fun there. At 4 pm we left for Las vegas. The next day we went Creases palace there we came to know that there is a show which starts at seven in the evening where the statues come to life. From there we went to Venetian which had the the theme of Venice in Italy. There they had created the replica of the grand canal with a Gondola ride. The gondola boat floats beneath bridges, beside the cafe and the landscape of the Venetian as the gondolier sings the roman era songs. We then went to Excalibur which had the theme of a castle there I saw three 4d movies. We had our lunch and once again went to Excalibur. From there we went to Mandlay bay where I created my crystal in which they embedded the photo of my aunt and myself. From there we went to luxor or the Egyptian pyramid.

The hotel had the shape of a pyramid. The next day we left for zion park it was a three hour drive. Once we reached zion park we took the bus to the first stop. There they had shown how the park was discovered, its secrets, the species of birds and animals etc.then we saw a 22 minute movie which showed the same which were written inside. We then took the bus to the second stop which was the canyon junction where I saw and touched the waters of the Virgin river it was icy cold. We crossed a bridge and climbed a steep path at the top we saw a natural spring. We once again hopped in our bus and went to our next stop the court of the patriarchs where cloud touching mountains were named after three people Issac, Abraham and Jacob. We once again sat in our bus and went to our last stop weeping rock. Where there was a very steep path to the top. There were rocks on which spring water flowed continuously.

We took the bus to the first stop took our car and went to our hotel. On Thursday and Friday we revisited the hotels which we which we liked the most. On Thursday we also went to a new hotel where I saw dolphins, white lions and white tigers. We also went to the stratosphere tower. The tower has a majestic height of 1149 feet. We once again saw Las vegas from hundreds of feet. We also went to see a live show which was the Blue Man group show. It was a very funny show. In which they called a women to eat food with them. One of them also made a sculpture with 25 chewing gums. I had a wonderful and I will never forget it. I bring back wonderful and happy memories which I will always remember.

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