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My Writing Experience Essay Sample

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My Writing Experience Essay Sample

Writing has not always been a strong suit of mine. Even in the present moment I sometimes struggle with writing. I have done numerous papers, ranging from daily journals to argumentative essays. I will admit that the older I grew I realized that writing helps in many ways. It can be a form of stress relieving, which I sometimes take into consideration when I have sort of a lot going on mentally. Many writing assignments were about what I liked to do hobby-wise, what my plans were for the future career/ school-wise, how I felt about certain discussed subjects nationwide such as the election of a black president, the rights for gay marriage, as well as oversea discussions, like the human trafficking in Thailand. My attitude towards writing varies on the topic of conversation. If it catches my attention I am 10x likely to deeply dive into it and manage a good report out of it. If it does not grasp me, then I still try to give it my full attention and do the best I can. Multiple assignments have geared me in the direction that I can write a good paper, and I should give writing more thought.

Majority of the papers I have written, I would acknowledge them as valuable and profitable, because I know I can turn back to them and read what I wrote, to give me the encouragement to further myself. There are a few papers written that I thought were a complete waste and drain of my time, but looking back I see that they were put in place to challenge and help me for the good, rather than just writing to receive a grade. When it comes to writing I would like to point out my, what I consider to be my biggest flaw, I HATE SITTING FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME STARRING AT A COMPUTER, OR PAPER. I am an individual that has a high metabolism that likes to be in motion. I used to tell my friends that I would go to sleep just to wake back up and find something to get into. Another flaw in writing I have is the ability to find focus, my mind is one that will wonder off into space, or think about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the assignment. Adding to the flaw list I sometimes have trouble finding resources, and information to put into my works. Many a times I will find the same information, either worded differently, or summarized.

As writing assignments occur I find myself overcoming the hurdle of not being focused, in English Comp 2 I plan to do just that, so that future writing courses will be a smooth sail. My strength in writing is just that, writing. Once I have started a paper, and if it happens to be one that I am fully engaged in I can sit, write, research, and proofread it. I can intake constructive criticism, when it comes from the right person. The fact that writing is a gateway for expressing my own beliefs, and thoughts, gives me the drive to want to write, being that I do not always have to rely on the next person’s opinion. A well attribute of mine is finding what to write about. When it comes to choosing a topic I can just about breeze my way through and select an idea that interest me. Another area that I am pretty confident in is the outlining, putting together an outline really helps me stay on track and keeps me from repeating prior statements, and thoughts. By the end of this semester, I plan to be able to confidently write an essay, without having too many errors, nor having to worry about missing critical information. My goal is to understand the writing process and deliver a well written paper.

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