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Introduction of TOPIC

1.What is the mission of Mystic Monk Coffee?

Father Daniel Mary’s dream was to create a new Mount Carmel in the Rocky Mountains. He wanted to expand the 13 monks, 42-acre monastery into a 30 monks, 500-acre monastery. The mission of Mystic Monk Coffee was to profit enough money to purchase an $8.9 million ranch near Irma Lake to make the appropriate accommodations for a larger monastery.

2.What is the basic strategy that Mystic Monk Coffee seems to be using to achieve their mission?

The basic strategy of Mystic Monk Coffee is to increase the production of coffee to therefore increase the amount of profit.

3.What is/are the source(s) of competitive advantage for Mystic Monk Coffee?

One source of competitive advantage for Mystic Monk Coffee is that out of the 150 million coffee drinkers in the United States, 89 perfect of them brew their own coffee at home rather than purchasi

ng ready-to-drink coffee at coffee shops and restaurants. Another source of competitive advantage is

that Mystic Monk Coffee was produced using high-quality fair trade Arabica and fair trade organic Arabica beans. Many consumers who purchased specialty coffees were willing to pay a high price for organic, shade-grown, or fair trade coffee because of their personal health or social concerns. The most important source of competitive advantage for Mystic Monk Coffee was to focus on the Catholic population. Mystic Monk Coffee’s target market was the segment of U.S. Catholic population who drank coffee and wished to support the monastery’s mission.

4.Does Mystic Monk Coffee appear to have a strategy that makes an adequate profit for the Carmelite monks to achieve their goal?

With the amount of consumers that drink coffee (150 million) in the Unites States, the business has a great potential to generate profit. Also, more than 69 million Americans were members of the Catholic Church, making it
four times larger than the second-largest Christian denomination in the United States. This strategy appeals to Catholics to “use their Catholic coffee dollar for Christ and his Catholic church.” Mystic Monk’s net profit margin averaged 11 percent of revenues, which would be even higher since the business has a quality product and the ability to expand.

5.What change recommendations would you make to Father Daniel Mary to improve the performance of Mystic Monk Coffee and increase the probability of Mystic Monk Coffee helping the Carmelite monks achieve their vision?

The Mystic Monk Coffee can increase the production by increasing the value and work time of the monks.

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