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• The billboard of Napoleon Brandy was set off to an issue in which a wife to blame her husband of having a concern with a 15-year-old at a bar. Some of the campaigns to encourage the sexual harassment and mistreating of women.

Diagnosing the Problem

• What was the Problem?

➢ Central Problem:

– Why should Napoleon Quince post billboards that affects or abusing non-drinkers within 15 years old?

➢ Secondary Problem:

– It is right to hurt or abuse a child or a woman in use of wrong phrases?

• Possible Effect of the Problem?

➢ Primary:

– When non-drinkers read the teasing question printed on the Napoleon
Brandy billboard, drinking was the last thing that came to their mind. That’s despite the fact that a giant image of a bottle of brandy was right beside the printed words.

➢ Secondary:

It is annoying to such people that do not care to those issues.

• Issues Concern:

➢ Ethical:

– It is wrong to post the billboard in public. This is against the rights of each child or in each woman. And the non-drinker thinks that the billboard is encouraged by the Napoleon Quince to drink alcoholic beverages.

➢ Unethical:

– The company encourages buying their product to some consumers in their fifteen year brandy.

Search for Alternative Solutions

• Post a billboard that has a correct phrase or quotation about their product.

• Use an artist to model their product instead of using words.

• Use other medias to introduce their product (i.e. TV, Radios, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.)

Weighing the Alternatives

|Solution |Advantage |Disadvantage | |
Post a billboard that has a correct phrase or |Avoiding non-drinkers within 15 years old to buy|Some of the consumers will be upset about their | |quotation about their product. |their product. |product. | | Use an artist to model their product instead of|More of the drinkers will be attractive and will|Some of the people thinks that in each brandy, | |using words. |encourage to buy their product. |there is a person affected. | |Use other medias to introduce their product. |To clearly understand their purpose in selling |Their company will be spent lots of money to do | | |their product. |this. |

Choosing the Best Alternative

• Use other Medias to introduce their product. The company will be spent lots of money but everyone is not affected of the issue involved. To introduce their product in clearly and nicely way to the consumers and to avoiding religion’s rights, child rights, and especially the woman’s rights.


• I would recommend that the company should post a billboard in a nice and not in annoying way to encourage consumers to buy their fifteen year old brandy. For example: use a title or category that anyone is not affected, like: “Nakatikim ka na ba ng Brandy na masarap at matagal na?” or using other medias to encourage people to buy their product in nicely way.

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