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National Autism Association Essay Sample

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National Autism Association Essay Sample


I am writing my disorder paper on Autism. Autism and ASD are both very similar forms of disorders of the brain (Autism Speaks, 12). Are children with Autism unable to communicate completely? According to reverseautismnow.org, no, people with autism are able to communicate in many different ways. When a child is playing with a toy, they might have a favorite part. That is most likely a sign that their favorite color is the color of that part (Autism Speaks, 12). If they bite their lip or tongue, they could be hungry. If a person understands how an autistic person smells, they will communicate a lot better. Body language is also a huge factor in communicating (Autism Speaks, 12).

Description of Disorder

Autism manifests itself in many ways. Characteristics of Autism usually do not show itself until about the age of two to six years (National Autism Association, 2013). One symptom of autism is if an infant does not smile or have other facial expressions by the age of six months. If infants of 12 months are not making babbling noises, that is a sign of autism (National Autism Association, 2013). If they are not talking by the age of 16 months, that is also a sign that they might have autism.

Also, if at any age a child has a loss of motor skills, if the child cannot make eye contact, does not respond to his or her name from an unfamiliar voice, does not follow objects visually, and does not understand when you try to point things out to them (National Autism Association, 2013). An autistic person cannot speak two word phrases by the time they are two years old.

They do not like to cuddle or be touched (National Autism Association, 2013). Autistic people do not use gestures to communicate. Just because a child may have these symptoms, it does not mean that the child has autism (National Autism Association, 2013). To have a child tested for autism, they should be seen by a team of doctors that include: neurologist, psychologist, developmental Pediatrician, speech/language therapist, learning consultant, or other professionals knowledgeable about autism (National Autism Association, 2013).

Characteristics and Causes of the Disorder

Unfortunately, there is not one single cause for autism. Autism is caused by different abnormalities in the brain structure or function. One difference between autistic kids and kids without brain abnormalities is that autistic children have a different shaped brain (Autism Society, 13). It has not yet been determined what exactly causes autism or if the disorder is hereditary. Researches have noticed that those with autism show a pattern within the family or have other family members with related disabilities (Autism Society, 13). There has not been a single gene that someone has found to be the cause to autism but they are working hard to figure it out. Researchers are looking for irregular segments of genetic code that children with autism may have inherited from their family (Autism Society, 13).

“Autism tends to occur more frequently than expected among individuals who have certain medical conditions, including Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, congenital rubella syndrome, and untreated phenylketonuria (PKU). Some harmful substances ingested during pregnancy also have been associated with an increased risk of autism” (Autism Society, 13).

“Research indicates that other factors besides the genetic component are contributing to the rise in increasing occurrences of autism, such as environmental toxins (e.g., heavy metals such as mercury), which are more prevalent in our current environment than in the past. Those with autism (or those who are at risk) may be especially vulnerable, as their ability to metabolize and detoxify these exposures can be compromised” (Autism Society, 13). Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism.

If a child gets proper treatment or the proper education, they can learn to develop more normally (Swierzewski). This can also help the child become more independent. Treatment options for every autism patient are different. Every patient requires lifelong treatment (Swierzewski). Avariety of different treatments are usually more effective than one single treatment. Four treatment options for autism include communication therapy, behavior modification, dietary modifications, and medication. Some autistic patients go to physical therapy or occupational therapy for treatment (Swierzewski). Conclusion

Based on the research that I have performed, I have concluded that there really is not much that is known for certain about autism. Those who are born with autism are stuck with the disorder because there is no cure or a treatment that completely gets rid of the symptoms. Autism is still a mystery on why and how children get the disorder. Based on researched, I have learned that autistic children can be very sensitive to things that we do not even notice. Even though they do not have communication skills like we do, if worked with properly, they can make their own way to tell people what they want.

Autism Society. (13). Symptoms. Retrieved from http://www.autism-society.org/about-autism/symptoms/ Autism Speaks. (12). What is autism?. Retrieved from http://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism National Autism Association. (2013). Signs of autism. Retrieved from http://nationalautismassociation.org/resources/signs-of-autism/ Swierzewski, S. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.healthcommunities.com/autism/children/treatment-for-autism.shtml

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