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National Educational System Essay Sample

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National Educational System Essay Sample

Since decades, education has been one of the noteworthy strategies to improve the intellectual development of individuals in a society. Previously, educational podium was limited to intellectuals only; however, as time passed, education is now considered as a learning platform for every individual in the society that has altered limited perspective of education in a significant manner. Education has always been considered a tool that can allow individuals to play an effective and supportive role in enhancing living standards of family, society, as well as, the nation as an entity. However, role of education systems has been argued due to a number of factors, such as racism, stratification, gender-based attitudes, etc.

A number of studies (Johnson, pp. 39-44) have endeavored to specify the role of education system in our country; however, each study has come up with different results due to biased perspectives and limitations associated with it. Specifically, racism has been the most significant factor that has affected the education system in different states of the country. According to a study, it was observed that education curricula of different education systems has been created, in order to provide education to individuals without categorizing them in different strata of the society based on creed, color, and race. (Provenzo, pp. 25-27)

Despite of same curricula and principles for every individual in American society, it is observed that individuals from African-American background or black communities are often treated as dropouts and failures in the education system, which is one of its adverse characteristics. Still, experts have considered that national education system of the country is playing a crucial role, and way better than other leading nations of the globe, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.

Moreover, studies have indicated that individuals coming from low-income backgrounds are able to reach a high-income group after passing through different levels of the education system. A number of evidences have shown that education system allows individuals from affected communities like black community, Africa-American community, etc to acquire the elite group of the society through education (Provenzo, pp. 56-61) that is a significant characteristic of our education system that distinguish it from other education systems of the globe.

Conclusively, the paper has discussed some of the significant aspects of American education system. A vital role is being played by the education system by the provision of quality education to individuals, and future generations are depended on such system. It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.

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Johnson, Heather Beth. The American Dream and the Power of Wealth. CRC Press, 2006.

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