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Introduction of TOPIC

The National Flag of a country depicts its identity in the comity of nations. Every country of any significance has a National Flag. This item of a country identifies itself with the character and the typical characteristics of country. Our Indian National Flag came into existence when we achieved our independence from the foreign yoke – the British rule in India. The flag has been well thought of and made to symbolize the ethics of the Indian people and as such, identifies with the people. The flag also depicts the targets of achievements set for itself by the country and its people. As such, the flag becomes an item of significance and respect for the people of the land. The name of our flag is the Tricolor because it consists of three colors and the pattern very simple like the people. It has horizontal stripes of same width in three colors. The three colors of the flag are, orange, white, and green. The orange strip is on the top, the white in the centre, and the green at the bottom. The colors are not taken just off hand, they all mean something or rather depict something. Each color depicts the Indian expectations from the people and the country at large.

The significance of each color points to what the Indian people stand for, and, what is expected of each one of them. The orange depicts Sacrifice- sacrifice for the family, the society and the nation, which each Indian is expected to do, for the integrated growth of the nation. This is in acceptance of the fact that, we India

ns realize that there can be no achievement without sacrifice. The White strip in the centre denotes

the purity in the hearts of the people of India. Their thoughts and actions are all expected to be pure like the white color itself – absolutely blemish- less. The third strip is the color of Green that stands for Prosperity. Thus the three strips of the flag put together, symbolize India of the dream of Indians, at least those Indians who fought for the freedom of the country. They put their dreams in suitable colors and wanted all others to follow the path set for Indians of free India. Whether this beautiful dream materializes or not, the leaders of the freedom struggle clearly put the colors into their aspirations.

In the centre of the White strip is imprinted the Chakra of Asoka. This Chakra stands in the centre of all hopes, for Justice. With all these symbols as we are to understand them all, the Indian National Flag is a perfect symbolism of Indian fraternity. The flag denotes the independence of the Nation and it carries the respect and the identity of the country, wherever it is put, or it flies. On all National and official buildings the flag is a fixture a top, as a permanent feature and on the occasions of National celebrations is unfurled on all housetops indicating the honour each and every Indian feels in unfurling it. When we see this National flag of India standing erect with flags of other countries, the hearts of all Indians are filled with a sense of pride and the head is held high.

This flag is the honour, name, and fame of India. Just as on celebrations the flag is seen atop buildings almost everywhere in the country, on tragic occasions like the deaths of patriots or leaders, the State declares a State mourning and then, the flag is also made to fly half mast. In so doing, the country is to show its love and respect for the deceased. To indicate what the martyr or the leader has done for the country, even on his dead body, the Tricolor is wrapped which clarifies the point that, the dead did a lot for the country and died in the cause of service to the country. In so doing thus, the country is recognizing how much he did for the country. The National flag is an object of respect for every Indian and, we must always salute to it whenever and wherever we see it. We must, in all spheres of life try to live up to the expectations put forth in this flag, due from us.

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