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Scholarship, leadership, service, and character and all words that have a significant weight on me. These words are the foundation of everything I need in order to succeed in life. Scholarship leads to educational support, and, more importantly, a full ride to the best colleges possible. Leadership and character are quality traits that will eventually lead to getting people to trust you. Doing my part in servicing my community and the people around me will lead to a lifetime of happiness and blessings. Neither of these attributes succeed the other, they are all of their own importance to me. Scholarship means acquiring a certain level of knowledge that put you just over the edge of gifted. It is using this knowledge to haul yourself to a respectable career and the lifestyle of your dreams. To be a scholar one must possess a peculiar mindset. A real scholar is naturally curious and questions everything.

A real scholar is open minded and thinks of every possible solution. Above all, a real scholar loves learning and will jump at the chance of proving academic dominance. Leadership means exemplifying a positive attitude and demonstrating reliability and dependability. It is exhibiting control in the workplace, education center, community, as well as the classroom. To be a leader one must be confident. A real leader would have no problem admitting defeat and not being afraid to say you need help. At the same time, a leader also knows what is expected of him or her. A real leader is assertive and understanding at the same time. Character is the mental or moral qualities distinctive to an individual. A student of character upholds principles of ethics and morality.

A student of character demonstrates high standards and maintains honesty. A student of character takes criticism with an iron grip and willingly accepts recommendations. A student of character displays respect, reliability, courtesy, and concern to others. On top of these traits, a student of character dutifully complies by the rules and embodies punctuality and faithfulness. Service is the action of helping someone. A student who serves cooperates with others conflict-free. A student who serves willing gives back by participating in volunteer work. A student who serves assists when assistance is needed and does whatever is needed by any cost to assist. A students who serves shows respect and represents his/her class to the best of his/her ability.

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