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Man has seen all different types of beauty. Some are man made and some are just left for nature itself. One of the most beautiful views one can see are the Hawaiian Volcanoes. The volcanoes are not only a beauty in the day time but in the night time they glow in an exotic manner. When the Volcanoes erupt, the view is just breathtaking. To be able to watch nature erupt before your eyes is an unforgettable experience. Kilauea and Mauna Loa Volcanoes belongs in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park system. They are known to be some of the most active volcanoes on earth. There are so many things about the volcano that makes it a national park system and people from all over the world come to see that park.

“In 1980, it was named a World Biosphere site by UNESCO and in 1987 the park was again honored as a World Heritage site.” These Volcanoes are a National Park System because even if man tried to touch this land, it would all be melted by the burning lava. It isn’t possible for man to ruin the nature of these volcanoes. There is no need for protection because nature acts on its own creating these lava flows. Besides for the lava, the park includes the hawaiian culture, animals and foods that grow on the Islands. People believe the reason it is kept protected and is an importance to america is because “Each eruption is a reminder of the pows of natural processes to change the air we breath, the ground we walk on, and the sea that surrounds this volcanic island we call home.”

Tourists who visit are able to experience a movement in the landscape right before their eyes . The existence of islands like Hawaii were created from these volcanoes. Layers upon layers of lava create what is there today. The Hawaii Volcanoes are one of the most incredible and popular events in the states. Millions of people come to visit, some get to step on the land that once burned orange. On other days, people need to stand miles away and watch the smoke fill the air. Either way the view is magnificent.

The park is 333,000 acres from the summit of Maunaloa to the sea. People hike through volcanic craters, scalded deserts and rain forests. The park as well has petroglyphs which are rocks of lava that were craved in stones by Native Hawaiians, museums like the Thomas A. Jagger Museum and a walk in lava tube. The main reason people come are to see the unpredictable volcanoes erupt and cast a shining bright orange river of lava.

The Hawaii Volcanoes were named a national park to be protected for its natural and historical places of importance in America. There are so many things about the volcano that makes it a national park system and people from all over the world come to see that park. The park is an experience one has to see with their eyes rather than read about it.

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