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This task will address P3, P4, M2 and D2 of the Unit.P3describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plansP4use marketing research for marketing planning M2explain the limitations of marketing research used to contribute to the development of a selected organisations marketing plans D2make justified recommendations for improving the validity of the marketing research used to contribute to the development of a selected organisations marketing plans|

INTRODUCTION (make sure you complete following briefly)
* Brief definition/description of marketing research
* Brief definition/description of quantitative and qualitative market research
* Brief definition of internal and external research
* Brief definition/description of primary and secondary market research

You need to briefly describe each type of marketing research (what it is how it works) an organisation can use and link it to your chosen organisation with examples:

1. Primary research. Identify 5 key methods they could use – you could choose from the list below 2. Secondary market research. Identify 5 key methods they could use – choose from the list below


Surveys/questionnaires| | Government sources|
* Face-to-face| | Trade & specialist organisations|
* Postal| | Paid for research e.g. Mintel|
* Telephone| | Company reports and accounts|
* Internet| | Own/general internet research|
* Web based| | |
* Self-administered| | |
* Omnibus surveys| | |
Focus groups| | |
Panels| | |
Mystery shopping| | |
Observation| | |
Product testing| | |

Continue your presentation.
For each of the methods above/or group of methods if appropriate you need to look at them in terms of: Remember you should COMPARE the methods with each other:

1. cost effectiveness2.the validity of the data collected 3. issues of bias4.time
5.sample type used6.sample size
7.the effect on the development of your chosen organisation’s marketing plans Continued…..
Use marketing research for marketing planning

You need to complete some PRIMARY or SECONDARY research.
Include details of what you have done
Attach evidence as an appendix to your work

Now complete your SWOT or PESTLE

STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES| Internal to the organisationThings like: staff, skills, resources, land, buildings, experience, history, communication, structure of the organisation, decision making…| OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS| External to the organisationThings like: economic issues, un/employment, population changes, competitors, changes to the market, fashion, tastes, environmental
issues, legal changes…|

POLITICAL| Government policies| TECHNOLOGICAL| How products are made, how products/services are sold, how products/services are marketed| ECONOMIC| Inflation, interest rates, unemployment, | LEGAL| Changes to the law e.g. restricting sales, labelling…..| SOCIAL| Population changes, changes in tastes, changes in fashion….| ENVIRONMENTAL| Issues around production, distribution, packaging, availability of raw materials etc|

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