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Nature Essays


Epistle to the Romans

Introduction Paul’s Epistle to the Romans has always stood at the head among the epistles in the New Testament canon, and rightly so. Since Acts ends with Paul’s arrival in Rome, it is fitting and logical to have the Epistle

Ecosystems’ value and Nature Protection in Niger Delta

Abstract Oil and gas exploration and exploitation in Niger Delta region (Nigeria) have been characterized by environmental degradation as a result of oil spillage, flaring of gas, deforestation and other unwholesome practices of oil and gas multinational companies operating in

Global Warming has been a great debate among people

The question wheatear humans are contributing to Global Warming has been a great debate among people. Global Warming is understood to be a natural phenomenon which causes the increase in earth atmosphere and oceans because of high concentration of greenhouse

Tourist Spot

Morong was originally known as “Bayandati”, believed to the settlement located in Nagbalayong. Due to the scarcity of land available for cultivation, residents migrated to adjacent areas where wider lands can be found. When the Spaniards arrived to this place

Bewitching Nature

            There comes a time in our lives when we cannot hold the things in our own. Something different, magical or mysterious seem to occur which confuses us and our reasoning powers seem to be too weak that we cannot

Endangered Coral Reefs

This paper entitled, “Endangered Coral Reefs” aims to reintroduce the fundamentals or frequently asked questions with regards to reefs by providing answers to the following questions: 1) What are reefs?; 2) How extensive are reefs?; 3) How do reefs support

Mother Nature Interior Design Services

SWOTT Analysis Introduction Mother Nature Interior Design Services is a company that intends to revolutionize the interior design industry. The company intends to get a sizable share of the fast growing interior design market where the existing firms have failed

Rainforest degradation: Who’s at fault?

The rainforests is one of the most important natural resources. They cover only 2% of the Earth’s surface, but they house over half the plant and animal species in this planet. This is the reason why rainforest conservation is very

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