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The world has been here for billions of years, to which many different species have  inhabited and called home. We have adapted to the area, but also mended it on our way, making  Earth our own. But who is to say it is even ours for the taking. Nature is alive it breathes and  lives just as we do, and yet we tear it down to build ourselves up. That is no way to treat your  home. Instead we must work together and treat each other with the respect one another deserves.  Nature cannot speak, so we will have to speak for it, and right now nature would argue that  human beings are taken nature for granted.  Earth is our home, and if we keep treating it with  disrespect it will come back and only bring us misfortune.

What comes around goes around, and at this rate our future will be dull, for we have  mistreated our land for too long. Vaclav Havel knows of the course to which we have prepared  to set sail, but reminds us that “Only people with a sense of responsibility for the world and to  the world are truly responsible to and for themselves.” If you treat the Earth well you are initially  treating yourself well, and everyone should want to treat themselves with respect and  honorability. Just because we think we are unstoppable because nothing has yet to come in our  way does not mean it will be the same forever, “we are not the masters of Being”.

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