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I disagree with the interpretation to an extent, there are many factors that lead to the rise of the Nazis that were not directly from Hitler, firstly, there was a weak government in Germany – the Weimar government was weak with many different parties and fringe parties struggling to agree on anything, the Reichstag couldn’t pass many laws, decisions could not be made and many people also saw this democratic system for Germany was weak and wanted a return to a dictatorship, this helped the Nazis get into power as they didn’t have any strong opposition, and the German people wanted one strong leader. Furthermore another underlying factor was unemployment numbers; they went hand in hand with the Nazi party – as unemployment rose so did the votes for the more extreme parties, including the Nazis after the 1929 depression the Nazi vote skyrocketed from 1928 at 18.3% to 37.3% in 1929 after the wall street crash, to as people were starving on the streets looking for a scapegoat and a solution, the Nazi party gave them what they wanted as unemployment went to 5.6 million and 6.1 million in 1932, 1/3 people were unemployed.

Moreover the propaganda use, long-term bitterness after loss of WW1 was used heavily by the Nazi party, the use of propaganda to there advantage of the November criminals and stab in the back myth even interested top military leaders of WW1 such as Hermann Goering gaining them more support and credibility. Hitler’s SA troopers pressuring any political opponents can be considered as Hitler’s actions however as he founded the organisation. However on the other hand Hitler did contribute to the party in many ways, as a good auditor his speeches induced mass hysteria in crowds and his right hand man Goebbels used this in there propaganda campaigns, Hitler’s time in jail allowed him to publish his ideology and as a best seller after his celebrity status after the failed putsch spreading the Nazis popularity.

Also Hitler worked his way into office with the backstairs intrigue a short-term factor that brought him to power as Hindenburg and von Papen elected him chancellor. Though the Nazi party only gained there majority in the Reichstag through a coalition, Harzburg Front (DNVP, Stahlhelm) Hitler used his SA to pressure the DNVP into dissolving there party and succeeded In conclusion, I think that Hitler was one of the leading factors in the rise of the Nazi party however he was not the main reason as there were several short and long term factors that would ultimately help him achieve his goals that without him reaching dominance in Germany would have been much more difficult if not impossible; for example the Wall Street Crash.

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