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Introduction of TOPIC

Cone crusher is extensively applied in the fields of conatruction,building materials,mining and metallurgical industry, cone crusher is mainly secondary and fine crushing machine.Unique design makes cone crusher with little maintenance rate,however we can learn some maintenance tips of cone crusher for the daily small problems,then we are able to solve questions immidiately.the following is some small problems on cone crusher in ordinary procession,let’s find the reason and cope with it by factory workers.Cone crusher on the problems in daily work, problems on the machine, the factory workers can repair itself.

First check the electric mortor, and then adjust the electrical connection.Choose the suitable devices for cone crusher. Adjust discharge outlet size of cone crusher as the specification of nominal discharge outlet and increase fine crushing cone crusher granite.Thirdly operator should check the wearing condition of the crushing cavity dimensions, Finally test whether it should be replaced or the impeller of cone crusher cavity. Related Products

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