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Public health is an intervention to improve the health and quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease, including physical and mental diseases. It focuses on the community as a whole and the health status of the community. Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News contains episodes concerning public health issues in two different communities. One of the issues is an environmental issue with water pollution. The second issue deals with employers across the nation implementing a no smoking policy that will lead to the termination of jobs if smoking continues secondary to the hazards to those that don’t smoke and the increase in insurance premiums. Public Health Issues

Public Health Nursing focuses on the population and is community oriented. The primary concern is for the members that live in the community and not those are may be in an institution. It is important to focus on the people in the community and the environment in which they live in. It is also important to develop strategies to promote health, maintenance, and disease prevention and then develop interventions that may be used in the community (Stanhope 2008). Episode 3

There has been a proclamation for months that there is a concentration of pollutants that have reached critical levels. There is concern that the water supply could be affected. Not only could the water supply be affected but also the pleasures and activities associated with the lake such as swimming and fishing. This issue is a public health issue because public health issues include issues that affect the environment. Water pollution can be caused by many different environmental factors. It can be caused by pesticides, sewage, chemicals. It can be a health risk to individuals causing infections such as bacterial and viral infections, as well as parasites. Preventative measures are proper monitoring of the water system with necessary interventions to prevent water contamination. Episode 9

The issue of a smoking ban to stop smoking or otherwise lose their jobs would be a public health issue. This is due to the effects of smoking to those that do not smoke. Insurance policies vary in participants that smoke, however depending on the insurance nonsmokers could be affected by the increase in premiums. Many nonsmokers dislike being around people that smoke due to the risks associated with second hand smoking. Studies have indicated that second hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking itself. Due to the harmful effects that smoking does to the body, many insurance companies have raised their premiums to compensate for the amount of money being spent to take care of diseases caused and exacerbated by smoking. Conclusion

Public health nurses have limited opportunities to make decisions but it is very important to have a clear concise understanding of population focused practice. It is important for the nurse to be influential in the development of policies and to sometimes take positions that are generally not considered as nursing.


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