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Nell’s Reaction Paper Essay Sample

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Nell’s Reaction Paper Essay Sample

Before I explain and reflect why this drama film titled Nell related to psycholinguistic, let me define first if what is psycholinguistic. Psycholinguistic means the study of language. Psycholinguistics also deals with the mental processes a person uses in producing and understanding language. Obviously as we defined psycholinguistic this story is related to psycholinguistic in where Nell in the story in which her mind and actions is remains a young child because of the environment where she lived. When her first time to see other people she Was frightened it is because since she was a child her mother isolated him in a cabin.

I think one of the reasons why Nell never grown or being matured it is because of her twin she was thought that her twin is still alive and they are playing through her imaginations this is one of reason why she can’t move on being a matured girl. Jerry helps her slowly to learn some language he takes her in an environment where she will lived normal and where she will acquire knowledge and to learn to mingle in different people. It is not easy for her but jerry was being patience because he cares for Nell and I really appreciate his kindness. If I reflect this I learn that we need a long patience to teach and help a child who is willing to learn and it is important to have a motivation for them just like jerry did when he eat popcorn and envying Nell just to encourage her to go outside. In this story we see the process how children learned language.

This movie is not also for the students who have a psycholinguistics subject it is for all who are willing to watch. Whoever watch this movie will never regret because they will learn about Nell’s situations and even moral lessons. This movie is also important to the parents because it will help them how to protect and manage their children in acquiring knowledge. The ending is really nice because Nell was finally in good condition even if I did not watch the scene where Nell is slowly learn how to speak English language until he is fine.

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