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The dead and gone, who committed suicide, seemed to warn us that there was nothing faithful in the freezing university. Peer pressure, numerous assignments, interpersonal relationship are what the university has prepared for you.

Although we are going to suffer, we should never ever lose our faith during our prime time in the university.

You are going to have bright vision. I want to ask you, my dear fellows, are you still holding your dreams tightly in your arms? I can bet you, all of you, never want your dream to stay in the past tense, but the perfect tense. In the university, you are going to face new challenges, new difficulties and new dilemmas. Never lose faith, go, run, fly, and then seize the opportunities which belong to you.

As we can clearly see, that very different is the situation today. Better clothes, better income, better health care, better life quality, we are almost better off. On the other hand, better life leads to flippancy and arrogance.

In recent year, an innumerable amount of students have been caught plagiarized in their dissertations. In this case, foreign professors begin to lose faith in our students. They maintain that Chinese students are never going to be entitled excellence if the plagiarism cannot be completely eliminated. We cannot and should not and must not be defeated by such criticism, more importantly, by ourselves. Never lose faith, convince yourselves that nothing is impossible, take a deep breath, embrace the knowledge, and then get down to work.

Let’s recollect some memories which were two years from now. A city named WenChuan was destroyed by the precipitate earthquake in the turn of a hand. Thousands of people lost their home, some even lost their lives. Surprisingly, what I saw from their eyes was only a word, a very firm one——faith. Never give up, never give in. That’s what I learn from the horny hands of those migrant workers, that’s what I learn from the vigorous hearts of those Olympic volunteers, that’s what I learn from the tough minds of those People’s Liberation Army soldiers: never lose faith, never, never, never. These people are going to be your lifelong idols, because faith never fades from their hearts.

I cannot accept the notion that our students are hopeless, because I believe that the only thing that can prevent us from accomplishment is being faithless.

With faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of the external interference into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, and to struggle together.

My dear friends, please remember, never lose faith, never, never, never.

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