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If I choose to design the new building with a wired network the main benefit is there would be a low chance on interception. Choosing a wired network will also have a lower risk of security issues; reliability and speed are primary benefits as well when using physical connections in a wired network. The basis of the new building will relay on loads of data to be moveable that is why a wired network allows the control. Wired LANs provide superior performance. A wired network is also more cost effective, the items needed to build such as Ethernet cables; hubs and switches are very inexpensive. But by using a wired network Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are extremely reliable and inexpensive. If I choose to use a wireless network in the designing of the new building the obvious benefit is a wireless network is neater. This means getting rid of all those unsightly cables that usually run around a building. The mobile computers do not need to be tied to an Ethernet cable and can roam freely within the WLAN range. By using wireless network it is vital that users have access to the network from anywhere in the building and that means giving them wireless access.

As well as being able to use their own devices, wireless infrastructure means freedom to move around the building, from meeting room to meeting room. The tools that are used for installation are basically the same except for some particular networking tools. I will provide a list of the basic manual tools they are pull and push rods, bulk cable wall plates, wire pulling kits, fish tape/wire snakes, wall scopes and inspection cameras, wire racks, ceiling holes saws and low voltage boxes an mounting brackets. There are pros and cons to having a wireless and a wired buildings and it is fair to say that wireless becoming the norm is still some way off. A combination of wired and wireless is the way forward, at least for now.

That way a business can satisfy the needs of its mobile workers and ensure all security, control and reliability requirements are met. Having a mixed environment does not need to mean a nightmare from a designing point of view. Managing both together means businesses can run the same policies across the wired and wireless infrastructure, meaning business will see the benefit of having both while, hopefully, reducing the negatives associated with either installation.

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