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The director of staffing for the organization was asked to come up with a staffing strategy to fill the 35 new positions that are needed in this department. The director came up with a four-step plan to fill these jobs. The director decided on: 1. Place advertising in the local newspaper

2. Contact staffing agencies that specialize in placing technicians into health care facilities 3. Organize a job fair and invite local professionals to attend 4. Offer a $1,000 signing bonus to anyone who joins the organization and stays for at least 180 days. The staffing strategy that has been presented is a good start to what the New Health Medical Systems needs to do to be able to fully staff the new unit that is being organized. I am going to go over each step that the director has and add what I feel would make this strategy much better. First was advertising in the newspaper and this is a good idea but I would broaden the area of local newspapers that I would contact to advertise for the jobs. One of the problems the hospital was having is that there were no qualified technicians in the area so advertising in newspapers outside of the locality would help find qualified applicants.

Second was contacting a staffing agency which is a very good idea but to add to that it would be advisable to also contact any of the local colleges in the area that may offer a program for skilled medical technicians that may be able to fill the staffing requirements. The organization might want to check with any technical schools in the area and partner with them to design a program for training skilled technicians needed in this area for future employees. The third part of the staffing strategy was to have a job fair but if there are no skilled technicians in the area then this may be a waste of time unless the job fair is going to be in the cities and town around the area. Instead of a job fair the hospital may want to look internally to see if there are any potential candidates that with a little extra training to fill those position. The fourth idea was to offer a bonus with might bring someone who is working in the area but not completely happy where they are employed now but the problem with that is that they may not be any more loyal to this hospital then they were to their last job.

I would expand the amount of time that the employee has to stay at the hospital to get the sin-up bonus. Another bonus that could be offered when looking outside the immediate area is to offer a relocation incentive. This may bring in candidates that live in the outlying areas or are going to school in the outside areas. The last idea that might help the hospital fill the positions throughout the hospital is to start having in house training classes or education reimbursement program so that those who are already employees could become more valuable to the hospital. The basic plan that the director came up with was a good start to fill those 35 openings that are available in the hospital but I believe that my recommendations could help fill those positions quicker. The directors plan seemed to be looking for the recruits in the area where was already examined and was deemed empty as for as having the expert employees that the hospital is looking for therefore, I think it would be in the hospitals best interest to look outside the area.

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