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Introduction of TOPIC

The news media is the main line of communication between the government and the people. There are many types of media to include: newspaper and magazine print; radio; as well as those on television which include the major networks and cable news sources. In an attempt to assess the media- its purpose, effectiveness, and validity as a ‘link’ between the citizens and the government, a unique assessment was completed on each of the types of media not only to analyze them but also to compare them against each other and their usefulness in conveying the message they are attempting to send. Major news sources such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal don’t publicly announce that they have a primarily Conservative or Liberal bias, but after reading both periodicals, it was very clear which party that paper traditionally supports.

This is important, especially since both of these newspapers are of a major market and have a huge number of people that read them every day. With all the different media sources today, it’s really hard to choose or figure out which is the best one. There are newspapers, magazines, radio stations, internet, and there is always television. How do you know which is the best source to get the most accurate information? In today’s world television has changed. Now with all the competition between the news shows, in addition to providing facts, broadcasters now reveal more opinion based reporting in their stories instead of facts. This trend is noticed in other media, such as, newspapers and radio stations as well. While opinion based reporting may seem appropriate for the major parties, what about the Independents, they traditionally want to hear the news in an unbiased form. Effectiveness is a key word in the r

ole of media sources. Which one is most effective? In my opinion

it would be an unbiased internet source. With the current speed of this technical age, it’s the quickest of all sources, but, with the wide-spread availability of the internet, anyone with an opinion can post what they perceive to be an unbiased view, when in fact they spin it according to their own beliefs and values. While this is not done with the intent of skewing a particular view, people naturally recall information in the manner in which it was understood. This means that a naturally conservative individual will just about always understand a subject with a conservative view, which in turn, transforms the information into that of a conservative view-point when repeated. People will watch or read any type of news that is aligned with their political point of view.

For example, if you have Conservative views you may prefer to watch a particular television network that frequently states negative information about the current presidency or the opposing political parties; however, a Liberal watching the same network and news-story may change the channel to a media outlet that has the same ideals to see the same story from a broadcast in a completely different perspective. A Liberal media outlet will praise President Obama for whatever he has just done whereas a Conservative outlet may cast stones. Essentially, you have the choice to view or read the story that relates to your political ideology by simply selecting the corresponding media outlet.

An example of a news outlet which claims is unbiased is Fox News, which claims to be “fair and balanced” yet, due to the pundits which broadcast on Fox it seems that they are, in fact, right-leaning as far as political aspects go. My research has shown that as media has evolved the ways of being informed about our government have also changed dramatically. A new source for media is the internet. Many people now want fast and reliable news so they turn to the internet. But, the internet has a lot of problems as well; it has unreliable news forms such as blogs and webcasts. Some people think that these blogs or webcasts are a great source of news when most of them are opinion-based. In my opinion, this political means of mass communication is completely wrong. Ideally, there should be a group of both Conservative and Liberal moderates designated to write the papers and convey the news through media. There should not be two completely separate news stories each with their own slant to the left or right, but rather, there should be one media source that can relate to both parties and convey the entire message without political spin. But, as long as the news is reported by humans, there is little chance it can be completely reported without bias.

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