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NHS Choices offers a wide range of resources that can support health and care professional in their work with patients and clients. It’s a business in the public sector which means it is owned by the government. It ensures that good healthcare is available to all, regardless of their financial status. The purpose of the NHS website is that people have easier and quicker access online of the information they might have gone to look for in the hospital. It saves time and is helpful as its purpose is also to provide information about everything that is happening in NHS.

Users of the site are mainly adults. The age range is from 18-60. The reason for this is that people that might have interest on the website are people concerned about their health and what can be provided for them. A younger person might not use it as they would have their parent or guardian use the website instead and an elder wouldn’t really look for help online.


Argos is the UK’s leading retailer and UK’s largest high street retailer online with over 430 million website visits annually. It’s a business in the private sector which means its owned by individuals and shareholders. To provide shopping experience without the hassle of walking around big stores

The users of the Argos website are both female and male ranging from 20 to 55. This is because mostly customers use Argos to buy products for the house. Therefore, it would be users that own a house, are working and are not old fashioned, as they use the internet to potentially buy goods there. Waltham forest collge

Waltham Forest College is a college looking to deliver responsive, outstanding teaching, learning and support to meet the needs of individuals and employers and inspire our students to develop the high quality skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their future lives The purpose of the college’s website is to attract more students to study in the college. It also looks to inform staff, students and parents about the college and its activities. The users of the website are both female and male.

The age range varies between 14-60.
They are students to staff members and parents.
There is information there relevant to every one of those.

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