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Identify a global organization with a multinational presence. Identify and research a cultural issue that affects this organization’s interactions outside the United States. Define the issue and provide an overview of how it became an issue in the organization. Prepare an analysis of the ethical and social responsibility issues your organization must deal with as a result of being global. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the results of the analysis. Include the following: Identify ethical perspectives in the global organization.

Compare these perspectives across cultures involved in the organization. Describe a viable solution for this issue that could be acceptable by all stakeholders.

Nike Corporation
In this essay, I will attempt to present an analysis of the ethics and social responsibility issues that an organization can face when it is a global organization. One of the most recognized organizations globally would without a doubt have to be the Nike Corporation.

Several years ago the Nike Corporation came under fire for using child labor in Pakistan and Cambodia to make their soccer balls.

Because Nike came under fire for this unethical and inhumane practice, the organization attempted to reduce this practice. Pakistan and Cambodia have strict child labor and slavery laws, however, the government has done very little to regulate it.

Contracts for production are still being granted in areas of Pakistan where there is not sufficient monitoring or regulation to make sure that child labor laws are being observed and enforced.

The United States Constitution deems that child labor is not only illegal but also inhumane and that any organization caught practicing or even encouraging forced labor or violating child labor laws will be prosecuted.

The general thought process of Nike and many other global organizations is that they can operate their production with the lowest cost of labor. This leads the organizations to enter into violations of child labor laws.

An investigation was conducted where Nike was found to have a large number of cases that involved forced labor or child labor law violations in some of the large apparel factories of Nike. In a particular factory in Malaysia, it was found that Nike was operating production in terrible working conditions for the employees in addition to the forced labor. It was found that Nike had underage children working in sweatshops up to seventy hours a week in unhealthy conditions making their products. Pakistan has a population of approximately 1 million people and it is also an important location or “hub” per say for the production of goods that are to be…

Cross Cultural Perspectives
A money-spinning product fed by an incongruous campaign Just Do It, Nike a global company who increased its share from $ 877 million worldwide to $ 9.2 billion within 10 years (Nike’s “Just Do It” Advertising Campaign, 2011). A brilliant profit boosting marketing campaign, in which many evoked possibilities, audacity whereas others evoked indifference for human rights standards, and the ecological system. This paper will provide an analysis of Nike’s social responsibilities, and ethical issues on global production. Concerns as child labor laws, wages violations, lack of health and safety on workplace, and ecological insolence (A Cultural Study of Nike, 2011). Additionally, this document will assess the ethical perspectives across cultures implicated by Nike global organization. Social Responsibilities and Ethical Issues

Nike as innovating business, it grew rapidly, manufacturing cost, and resale goods became challenging, leading the organization to change the market conditions. Nike an Oregon-based company moved a large portion of the operations overseas. Nike established plants on third world country as Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, providing access of a cheap labor and iniquitous labor laws. Thus Nike’s social responsibilities and ethical issues became a criticism on public eyes. Indeed Nike labor practices failed to comply with such. The press reported Nike Pakistan plant employed children as young as seven stitching soccer balls. As implied Nike waged workers in Asian countries $ 1.60 per day, less than daily necessary meals. Nike forced workers to put outrageous hours of overtime to meet quota productions. As stated Nike exposed pregnant working women to hazardous fumes. Sam Young, Vietnam a Nike plant 15 women were reportedly beaten with the Nike sole by a supervisor for poor performance (Michael Clancy, 2000). Nike ditched synthetic shoes parts…

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