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No Two People See Conflict in the Same Way Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The world is full of conflict and that is why there is always a war in the history. Every human being views the world in a unique fashion. “No two persons regard the world in exactly the same way…” was once said by J.W. von Goethe. Our decisions and interpretations to conflicts are all get based on our own particular experiences, perspectives, personality and cultural backgrounds. People have different motivations, beliefs, values and goals. Although we often share similar experience, we look at the situations differently. No two people think the same or see the world through the same eyes no matter how much you have in common. Everyone thinks that they are the ones who are right and people go to great lengths to not be wrong so that they see themselves as correct As everyone is raised differently under a various culture, environment and parents, no two people see conflict in the same way even though we experience similar conflict. As a result, diverse viewpoints and positions can be drawn upon from dissimilar parties in every event. The declaration of war against Iraq was a perceived as a heroic act from the Worlds’ point of view to rescue the Iraqis from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein.

The United States president, George W. Bush, believed that an attack on Iraq would rid its despotic government and restore a democratic government in its place. As a result, from the United States’ perspective, the war was justified. On the other hand, many of the Iraqis saw the United States’ attack as an assault, disdainful act of invading their personal properties and issues. Contrasting to the United States’ point of view, the people of Iraq believed that the attack was discriminating to their beliefs. The Iraqis have been under the dictatorial rule of Hussein for decades, and they do not appreciate an outsider’s interference in their businesses. As a result, the people of Iraq viewed the United States “heroic” actions with disgust, which resulted in the many bombings and retaliation proceedings performed by the people. One may argue that only the minority of the Iraqis opposed the invasion of United States. Even though the people of Iraq may not all resist to the attack, these voices are still served as a different perspective in the issue.

As each one of us is raised under various cultures, religions and parents, no two people see the same conflict

in the same way. Individuals see same conflict with different eyes due to the level of involvements

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of individual. The war that generals see is different from the war that soldiers see with their eyes. The soldiers are the ones who are holding the guns in their hand and physically involved in war. On the opposite, the generals are the one who stands in the back who deals with paper based work and does not take part in any front line combat but instructing his comrades what to do. As the generals do not know what it is like to be at front line combat or get bombed, they would have different point of view on war to the soldiers who are at the front line combat. On 7th of October 2010, ‘The Washington Post’ posted that a buried bomb sliced through a hulking military vehicle near SARKARI BAGH, AFGHANISTAN, killing two U.S. soldiers. In September 2010, Taliban murdered an Afghan man, stuffed his nose with cash, placed a Koran in his hands and hung his body from a tree. Almost every day, insurgents fire on American troops stationed in this rural village.

Even so, their company commander, Capt. Mikel Resnick, says: “We’re winning the war up here.” However the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) had different view on the war in Iraq. Elly Dougherty, executive director of the group, called the operations in the Middle East as an “unjust and illegal occupation” by the United States. Jason Hurd, an Army medic who served in Iraq in 2005, said his unit was routinely instructed to fire on Iraqi cars, buses and civilians to keep them away from explosive ordnance disposal teams, even if they posed no real threat to the U.S. bomb squads. As everyone’s involvement to certain conflict is different, no people see conflict with the same eyes. No two people see conflict in the same way as everybody thinks their opinion is the right one. Everyone has experiences and knowledge specific to themselves which lead them to believe what they believe. They may lack knowledge or understanding but their current understanding is right for them. Each one of us has some amount of ego in us. We cannot avoid this voice inside our heads that keeps on crying to get what it wants and the ever growing ego is what makes human think they are right.

Many people can’t stand losing or being rejected. People go to great lengths to not be wrong so that they see themselves as correct. If one is correct, the others have to wrong but no one wants to be wrong but to be correct. Even there are always better ideas coming from somewhere or someone, it is hard for the individuals to know and understand that they are wrong as each one of us are eager to get it right and doesn’t want to know that we are wrong. This is why no two people can see conflict in the same way as both sides are eager to be ‘right’. Every society, and every human for that matter, has their own set of values, standards, morals, and beliefs. Everyone in the world is different. Each one of us is raised differently under a various cultures and environments and individuals have different level of involvement to certain conflicts and as everyone is different, no two individuals can feel or see the same in a same conflict. Due to human nature, everybody wants to be ‘right’ not ‘wrong’. Everyone are eager to be right and when there is a correct answer, the opposite will the wrong answer and no one wants to be wrong and this is why everyone sees conflict in different way. No matter who you are, where you were born, to whom you were born, what you do, or what you believe, there will always be someone who has different ideas from you.

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