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Mammals are animals that have hair, are warm-blooded, and nourish their young with milk. Some modern-day mammals include People, Humans. Like the other forms of mammals and animals, humans are perceived as the most intelligent form of animal, they groom themselves to attract a mate. But the evolution of technology has influenced humans to take beautification in order to attract other people into a higher level.

Modern men specifically males, take gender roles to new levels with the trend. In accordance to male’s constant and continuous physical evolution. Creating “male vanity” as a new trend on the lifestyle of contemporary males, the term “Metrosexual” was coined. The term originated in an article by Mark Simpson “Here come the mirror men” published on November 15, 1994 Factors like Globalization, Existence of Modern technology, new expression of capitalism and Western ideas of masculinity have all contributed into making the term and lifestyle called “Metrosexuality” a part of the mainstream stylish living in the society.

Since then the term has become popular among vain males that the term “Metrosexual Manliness” was created wherein Metrosexuality is a term defining the difference between Heterosexual “Vain” Males to those of the stylish males coming from the sector of the minority gender.

The Subsistence of Beauty Centers Enhancing and beautifying the aesthetical characteristics of an individual is traditionally a female concern. But as technology evolves in parallel to the evolution of the lifestyle of the public, there have been a plodding emergence of a new male prototype in the society. The idea of masculinity has slowly changed and the idea of men being vain has slowly been accepted by the society. With the prevalence of metrosexuality, males opt to find ways on beautifying more themselves.

To follow this new trend, the business sectors in the society have founded ways on how they will cater the needs of these people who want to have them beautified. Fundamentally, that is the reason why beauty centers have become in-demand and prevalent as well. This palpably mirrors how the society dictated the want if not the need for them. Had it been that the need for beautifying oneself is not created then beauty centers will not emerge in a society with so much emphasis on what is beautiful and what is not and this is ironic in a country with so much poverty.

In other parts of Asia, male beauty centers are of natural site, such as in Japan. Some shopping malls in fact and for example allocated a part or two of their mall just to accommodate male beauty products. Evidently, the growth of men who are more conscious on how they look are imminent. Clearly, it will in future, become a global phenomenon. However, one may argue that this was not just happening today as it was at one point in human history and human existence, that males found ways on how to beautify their selves. Accordingly, logic will tell us that something else made the responsiveness of males to such trends, and that is to beautify themselves and at the end of the day make major alterations on their characteristics to be apt to their social setting.

The Male Beauty Women are supposed to be the fairer sex, but Asian men are spending a lot of time and money on their looks, why? Because the girls like them that way. This denotes that the sector of the society, especially those that belong to the female sex dictated that men should act in such manner. Women made a communal agreement, subconsciously that they should see their men in such way.

The concepts of male beauty have slowly developed in the course of time. The definition of being “macho” in the 70’s and 80’s are different from the definition of macho in the 20th century. With the continuous growth a make over, Henry Wan, a Hong Kong clothing designer have stated that you can no longer pick out who is gay and who is straight in the context of the newly prototyped males. Male beauty in the contemporary setting is not just limited to having a beautiful physique. Males nowadays are not just entitled in going to the gym but as well as to applying cosmetics and undergoing cosmetic surgeries and beauty enhancements. With male vanity “out of the closet” which paved the way to the needs of the newly found concept of masculinity, the concept of a “traditional” male – strength, reliability and being gentle – are not attractive anymore as perceived by the society.

No vain, no gain – Being vain specifically on males opens up a lot of opportunities especially in attracting a partner as well as in gaining a sustainable career, thus, the concept of male beauty has slowly been established in the minds of these males, that with beauty, comes career and power.

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