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In the last few years Texas has been drying up. According to NOAH weather maps show North Central Texas is need of precipitation. The summer of 2011 was so hot and dry wild fires destroyed much of North Central Texas. There as a lack of rain for 52 days straight. Most of the Possum Kingdom Lake area burnted up bad. Homes were lost and a couple of firefighters lost their lives as well. The town of Graham was lock down so no one could get in or out for 2 days because of the fires. The fires were causing dangerous fire hazards while traveling. In a report I found says reservoirs are drying up little by little. The past summers of 2011 and 2012 we severe conditions for drought (

Burn bans have been in effect for most of Texas for close to 2 years now. Even at times when they are lifted, it takes a couple of days and they are put back on again. I know how everyone gets tired of hearing about global warming, but this is nothing to shrug off. It is a serious matter than needs to be discussed. Finding solutions is what we need to be doing instead of ignoring the problem.

It wouldn’t take much to fix the problem if everyone agree there is a problem. The glaciers are melting, and Places like Canada and Alaska are used to having snow, are seeing less as the years go by. In time the ice will melt, and the land will eventually flood. Texas is just one small corner of the world, but it is turning to a desert, and I believe it is because of global warming. We need to find ways to rehydrate the earth in this region by planting more trees, making man made lakes to help serve as hydration to the air.

It may not seem like it, but recycling will help the air and weather too. Not just in Texas, but everywhere. In some places in Canada and the United States it is mandatory to recycle and separate you trash or you will get a citation for not doing so. I feel we would all benefit from doing this and so would our home “Earth”. This problem will not fix itself, it has to start with us. Making new laws for recycling, how to conserve water, and making sure we don’t burn up our ozone layers with toxic gasses and fumes. Below are some of the maps I have found in my area of North Central Texas for the past 2 years of how the hydrological cycle has been affected by global warming. So next time you think about throwing away a coke can or plastic bag, think about your children or their children and what we are leaving them when we are no longer here.

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