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1. Background of the issue
Ever since December of 1945 when North Korea became a dictatorship under Kim Il-Sung, it has been considered a threat to the stability in Asia. North Korea was involved with manufacturing counterfeit money, and international drug sales in order to finance the production of a nuclear weapons program. The government as also openly admitted to kidnapping citizens of other countries such as Japan or South Korea. In November 2010, North Korea displayed a newly built uranium enrichment plant. The international community has been pressuring them to stop their nuclear program, but North Korea has isolated itself that almost no visitors can enter or leave the country therefore much knowledge of North Korea’s activities are unknown. In 2003, North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and began developing their own nuclear bomb imposing a huge threat since the missiles can reach anywhere from the United States and China to South Korea or Japan.

The international community imposed sanctions upon North Korea in vain but it has not stopped their nuclear program. Even though the IAEA adopted several resolutions which called for North Korea to comply with international standards, they were ignored. After North Korea tested seven missiles over the Sea of Japan in July 2005, South Korea immediately stopped food aid in protest. Other countries such as the US, Japan, and Australia condemned all of North Korea’s nuclear tests demanding that North Korea would suspend all missile launches. By January 2009, Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State visited North Korea to normalize economic ties if they halted their nuclear program, but North Korea did not agree. 2. Israel’s position on the issue

Although Israel does not play a major or direct role in the issue on North Korea’s missile crisis, we stand firmly behind the United States because they are one of our strongest allies and share our same interests in stopping North Korea’s nuclear program. Not only does North Korea impose a dangerous threat to the entire international community with its nuclear program, but it also provides arm supplies to Israel’s main rivals: Iran, Syria, and Egypt. In addition, North Korea, like Iran, does not recognize Israel as a state. Israel has not taken any direct action against North Korea, but is closely keeping track of the United State’s decisions on North Korea because it could greatly affect Israel. Israel is extremely threatened by North Korea’s proliferation of weapons because North Korea sells these weapons to various organizations that oppose Israel. We are worried that if Iran gets a hand on these nuclear weapons, that they might attack Israel. Our main objective is to halt North Korea’s nuclear program and protect the right to defend our country. 3. UN past action on the issue

After North Korea had tested seven missiles over the Sea of Japan, the UN Security Council condemned their tests demanding the they suspend all missile launches. The United Nations Security Council met in October of 2006 and unanimously decided to impose sanctions on North Korea these sanctions prevented them from selling, receiving, or buying any goods from other nations. It also imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on the officials that had been related to the nuclear weapons programs in North Korea. After North Korea yet again attempted to launch another nuclear missile in 2012, the UN Security Council condemned them because it violated previous U.N. resolutions. 4. Possible Solutions

Israel believes that all countries should cut off trade from North Korea. They should stay vigilant in keeping any items from shipping out of North Korea in the case that they are nuclear weapons. This would isolate North Korea even more so that their nuclear program will not spread to other countries such as Iran. This would benefit the international community, especially countries in the Middle East. If North Korea continued trying to sell their nuclear weapons to countries in the Middle East, attacks and a possible war could break out. Another solution would be to overthrow the same family that has been in power throughout North Korea’s existence. All five veto powers in the UN Security Council have nuclear capabilities, making us extremely powerful. Although we want to avoid a nuclear war, since North Korea has nuclear weapons too, the countries within the UN should pressure North Korea further since they hold the upper hand and are more powerful.

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