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As the name suggests Nothing’s Changed is about the apartheid. A poor black man in district six, a poor area of South Africa, who is describing the area and his feelings and he says that nothing’s changed. It’s all the same even though they had black president Nelson Mandela who stopped the apartheid. It was still the same, all the buildings were covered in glass and there was a restaurant but it was only for the whites, The only place for the blacks was a cafe with white plastic chairs and tables. Two Scavengers in a truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes is about two classes brought together by a red light and the scavengers are looking down into the Mercedes then the poet describes the two beautiful people in the Mercedes to be rich and the two scavengers to be poor.

The language the poet uses in Nothing’s Changed is mostly aggressive the phrase which suggests this “Hands burn for a stone” this means he wants a stone to throw through the glass, The writer also uses repetition of the word “And” also he uses personification by saying “bearded seeds” personification means to make something human or alive. The poet gradually gets angrier throughout the poem because as he enters the town he’s realizes that it is still the same and I think that he’s quite annoyed because he thinks Nelson Mandela being president would stop the apartheid but it hasn’t.

In two scavengers the writer makes us feel that time has stopped on that particular moment when the two beautiful people in the Mercedes and the two scavengers have been stopped at the red light, the poet compares the two together and find some similarities and some differences the similarities are one of the scavengers has the same hair as the man in the Mercedes but there allot of differences like the clothes they were wearing, the scavengers were wearing red plastic blazers as if to warn people and the man in he Mercedes was wearing a three piece linen suit and the woman was wearing a short skirt and coloured stocking and they were on the way to the architect’s office, the point the poet is making is that for once in their life the two scavengers are looking down on the rich people but in life it would be the other way round.

The feelings of the scavengers would be I wish that was me because I reckon they don’t like their jobs and they probably don’t get paid much but I think they also feel angry with them selves because if they studied hard when they were young that could be them, the two beautiful people in the Mercedes are feeling quite cool and relaxed not taking any notice of the two scavengers continuously staring at them they just wait in silence for the red light to turn amber then green so that they can continue on their way to the architects office in their stylish and probably fast Mercedes which costs allot of money , the two scavengers have only just finished their job but the two beautiful people in the Mercedes have only just started so that tells you that the scavengers work allot harder that the people in the Mercedes but get paid allot less.

Overall I feel quite shocked because I thought the apartheid was over but it really isn’t and this is shown in Nothings Changed if I was that man I would feel really really angry with the way South Africa is run even though they have a black president Nelson Mandela, two scavengers is set in America witch is a democracy this means that everyone should have an equal chance in life but in this poem it isn’t but it shows you that not everything is true, the phrases that stand out in the first poem are “small round hard stones click under my heels” I like this because it uses an onomatopoeia another phrase is “No board say it is” I like this one because it gives a feel of that the town is haunted or there used to be a sign there but it got took down so know one knew it was there unless

You lived there, The phrases in two scavengers which I liked were “An elegant open Mercedes” this makes the Mercedes stand out from the rest of the other cars another is “like some Gargoyle Quasimodo” this means the two scavengers are leaning over to take a closer look at the couple in the Mercedes. So overall I’m quite surprised with the two poems because they tell a story of something that has supposed to change but it really hasn’t.

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