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The novel “70’s Decade” depicted the desires of one woman, Amanda Bartolome, to have a distinctive identity in the current society. In the beginning of the story, the protagonist, Amanda Bartolome was just a mere housewife serving coffee to her husband, and taking care of the needs of her schooling children. As the novel evolved, Amanda witnessed the gradual transformation of her children especially Jules. Jules’ deep interest in nationalistic songs drove him to join activist movements fighting against the evils of the government. Amanda became concerned about her son’s wekfare so she told this to her husband; however, Julian just ignored her. Because Julian showed no concern, Amanda couldn’t help but burst shouting at Julian, who was shocked by her behavior. The couple’s relationship from then on became cold. First week of May 1974, Jules was packing his belongings.

He told his mother he was going to Bicol. Amanda was furious. She shouted to Jules asking what dangerous thing he would do in Bicol. Jules was just dumb-founded by his mother’s yelling. He tried to convince his mother that maybe if she comes with him, her eyes too would open. But Amanda just slapped her son. On the other hand, Amanda’s other son Jason stopped schooling. Because he didn’t do anything, he became addicted to womanizing. One night, Amanda and Julian received a call about Jason, who was caught with marijuana. They tried to find Jason among several presincts until they found out Jason had already been released but didn’t come home to them. Em, Amanda’s other child, searched for Jason but one night came home crest-fallen with the news that Jason had been killed.

Amanda cried for nights. She thought her life was useless. She thought of leaving Julian, but she didn’t. She realized she and Julian still had a lot of things to talk about. They talked thoroughly and this became the start of their understanding. When Martial Law was lifted, more than three hundred political prisoners were released including Jules. Amanda’s children, from Jules to Bingo, now lived their own lives. Amanda no longer worried about her husband’s love for the family. Amanda realized her worth – that there’s more that she could offer to the world around her. She was delighted that even Julian was now awakened to help their country and fellowmen.

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