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If Israel attacks Iran, the repercussions of carrying out such an immense deed will not only affect Israel but will definitely affect the United States and maybe even the world. Even if Iran gets bombed, it does not stop their ability to make bombs and Iran will be even more inclined to use them. An attack from Israel or the United States on Iran will surely have three dire consequences: it will not stop Iran’s nuclear program, it will cause Iran to rally against the United States, and it will affect North America’s life overseas. These three points will be discussed further in the following paragraphs.

There are dozens of nuclear facilities scattered in population centres around Iran; therefore, bombing these facilities would kill large numbers of Iranian civilians. This may be hard to believe but “the Iranian people are more pro-American than any population outside Israel.” A good example of this is the fact that they held candle-light vigils for America in the streets of Tehran after 9/11; however, bombing Iran would change all that. A pro-American population would rally around the flag against a foreign enemy (United States and Israel). It is hard to imagine a better way to play into the hands of the hardliners in Iran.

Iran has developed close relationships with Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Iran, militias in Iraq and warlord clans in Afghanistan. It is safe to say that most or all of these groups would retaliate against the United States if it were to help Israel bomb Iran especially if these groups found that Iran was attacked without just cause. Bombing Iran would unleash chaos through the region, putting troops’ lives at risk, and undermine the war on terror. Our troops’ lives would be put at risk by any rash decision to bomb Iran. We cannot stop Iran from continuing on with their nuclear program anyways.

The most important reason why Iran should not be bombed is that it would not be wise to bomb Iran based on the fact that it will not stop them from continuing on with their nuclear program. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates even said “A military attack will only buy us time and send the Iranian nuclear program deeper and more covert.” If Israel bombed Iran, Iran would only get angrier towards Israel and the United States whereas if they do not attack Iran, Iran would not hate these nations as much thus reducing the chance of Iran using their nuclear arms.

Bombing Iran would be premature, to put it mildly. There is no just cause to bomb Iran, and the repercussions of doing so would be hazardous to all of us. Our troops would be put in danger, the United States would be put in danger, and worse yet, we would not stop Iran from making a bomb and potentially using it, not to mention the fact that Iran would want to use it even more if they were bombed. The ends definitely do not justify the means in this situation and bombing Iran would be a complete waste of time.

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