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Nuclear Power Essay Sample

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Nuclear Power Essay Sample

I’m against nuclear power because in my opinion it is very  dangerous mostly for the population that live in the area of a nuclear power plant, but also for the environment and in  generally for the health of all the Earth. I’m against the  use of nuclear power for obvious reasons such as accidents in the nuclear power plant then in the history had made destruction and death, to give the two most famous examples Chernobyl(1986) and Fukushima(2011). The radioactive dust of both this nuclear power plant, from Ukraine and Japan, arrived even in Italy.

The worst thing is that the damages caused by nuclear accidents are not only in the immediate, but go on for decades and perhaps centuries in the environment, also damaging the agricultural economy of the area, and in the populations, around 6,000,000 deaths worldwide in over 70 years, counting all types of cancers attributed to the disaster of Chernobyl. But this is not the only reason why I’m against the nuclear power, in fact, even if luckily, accidents do not occur, for every day of work a nuclear power plant produces kilograms and kilograms of radioactive waste, very dangerous waste then are going to occupy a lot of space, a big wasting of room, mostly nowadays it is a very big problem. Another reason is that the construction cost of a nuclear power plant is very high. No private enterprise even imagine to build a nuclear power plant without funding from the state. In fact, the estimate cost for the construction of power plant, which are around 5 billion euro ( 8 billions dollars).

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