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Nuclear Power the Best Energy Source of the XXI Century? Essay Sample

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Nuclear Power the Best Energy Source of the XXI Century? Essay Sample

For the future of our developing world we need to consider weather to do nothing about greenhouse effects gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2) that are given off by coal combustion, natural gases and oil. These types of energy resources are decomposing day after day, our world also is suffering the hazard or consequences that this gas (CO2) make in our atmosphere. So know we are starting a new era of clean and “green” energy resources. As we all know solar energy will and can work in our developing world but yet is not as develop as it could be except for special applications because it is a high cost resource. And we have on the other hand nuclear power that can remain much cheaper and still it doest make greenhouse effects as I said before.

But As we all know Nuclear power is cleaner in the fact that they don’t produce green house effects gasses. And no socially responsible person will suggest having this wastes that are highly toxic. They can last over ten or even thousands of years, and there is not a safe way to deposit these wastes.

Uranium is a source which is evenly spread around the world. Also we could say that nuclear power stations produce more energy with Uranium in little amounts and can last much longer than millions of barrels of oil and coal. This means that there is more energy made from Uranium, and less amount of money being spent.

We all appreciate the fact that nuclear power is cheap but the reality is that we can’t leave with those wastes and only the most sensitive people that have social conscious will appreciate the fact that there are more “green” or clean ways that we can make electricity like wind turbines. These wind turbines don’t require mining like uranium does you just need the turbines to produce the electricity that a city will need. So this non mining source will protect the environment even more.

Talking about the mining of Uranium we can say that t can help the economy of a country being an excellent source of income while being exported to other countries, one example of this is United States. The United States of America exports more than 12 million barrels of uranium per year to other countries, being one of the countries that produces and then exports large amounts of Uranium.

On the other hand uranium mining can cause lung cancer because of the decay of the gas (radon-222) also this poisonous gas can cause other types of diseases also cancer of all kinds and this diseases can and will kill you one of them is genetic mutation. So no sensible person will try to work on this mining unless they are starving.

Therefore take in back when I said that there are cleaner ways to produce the electricity that we all want, I can say that we are left to the conclusion that . Instead of using the nuclear power that is green in a short term rate because its wastes .We can use solar panels, Wind turbines, hydroelectric power stations. I recommend that for big places were you need lots of energy use hydroelectric power stations or wind turbines because this are the ones that produce more energy and also they are cheap. But you can use the solar panels for neighborhoods were there is a lower energy rate of consumption.

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