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Numbers Essays


The application of Eigenvalue and Eigenvector

Matrix is an array of numbers, symbols or expressions arranged in rows and columns.Matrix theory is the branch of mathematics that is widely applied in the field of Electrical Engineering. Eigen value and Eigen vectors; part of matrices have the

Perfect Numbers

Perfect numbers are a set of integers whose divisors all add up to that number. The number six is one such perfect number since its divisors, one, two, and three all add up to six (1 + 2 + 3

Lacsap’s Fractions

This diagram is of Pascal’s Triangle and shows the relationship of the row number, n, and the diagonal columns, r. This is evident in Lacsap’s Fractions as well, and can be used to help understand some of the following questions.

Conversion of Number Systems

The number is a symbol or a word used to represent a numeral, while a system is a functionally related groups of elements, so as whole, a number is set or group of symbols to represent numbers or numerals. In

Significant Figures in Measurement and Calculations

A successful chemistry student habitually labels all numbers, because the unit is important. Also of great importance is the number itself. Any number used in a calculation should contain only figures that are considered reliable; otherwise, time and effort are

Programming Language

True or False 1) When working with a sequential access file, you can jump directly to any piece of data in the file without reading the data that comes before it. False 2) In most languages, when you open an

History of Math - Leonardo 'Bigollo' Pisano

Leonardo Pisano(1170-1250) was an Italian number theorist, who was con-sidered to be one of the most talented mathematicians in the Middle Ages. However, He was better known by his nickname Fibonacci, as many famoustheorems were named after it. In addition

Significance of Pi's Name in Life of Pi

Pi’s full name, Piscine Molitor Patel, was inspired by a Parisian swimming pool. The shortened form refers to the ration of a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter, a number that goes on forever without discernible pattern, what in mathematics

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