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Introduction of TOPIC

The data indicated that students in the Asian language group expressed a stronger preference for NS teachers than for NNS teachers. The average result of Q1 (I prefer a native speaker as my foreign language teacher) was 3.37 which is well above the 2.5 midpoint dividing NS/NNS preference. The data also showed that their NS preference is not unequivocal. Q3 (It doesn’t matter if my foreign language teacher is a native speaker or not) and Q5 (I would be disappointed if my foreign language teacher was not a native speaker) both yielded marginal results (Q3=2.52, Q5=2.40). This tells us that although they indicated the NS preference, they were still agreeable to NNS teachers.

Thus, as can be expected, a student’s attitude toward NS/NNS teachers is never simple. A further consideration is the intragroup diversity between languages in the European language group. For example, Table 2 is marked for the very clear distinction between Spanish and Italian student attitudes. While the Spanish data upheld Ferguson’s results (NNS preferred), the Italian data contradicted it. In other words, NNS preference was not found in the Italian classroom. Contrary to our assumptions, this large amount of diversity suggests that NS preference has little to do with geographical origin of a language of study. As evidenced in Table 2, the data from the Italian classroom performs closer to those from the Asian language classrooms than those from the Spanish classroom. Arizona Working Papers in SLA & Teaching, 14, 95-109 (2007) 95 NATIVE SPEAKER OR NON-NATIVE SPEAKER TEACHER?:

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