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Nurse Essays


Nurses and behavior to culture and cultural safety

Culture is more than beliefs, practices, and values. Culture has commonly been defined as the worldview, lifestyle, learned, and shared beliefs and values, knowledge, symbols, and rules that guide behavior and create shared meaning within groups of people (Racher and

What is a nursing theory and why is it important?

Importance of Nursing Theory The nursing profession requires continued research to improve patient outcomes. When a gap in nursing care is perceived, often a theory is presented to improve patient care and outcomes. Nursing theory is an idea or intuition

Importance of Nursing Theory

Importance of Theory Advanced registered nurse practitioners although young in the medical profession will become one of the medical profession’s greatest assets of the future; Theory! A nursing theory is an educated scholarly statement, providing evidence of facts for nursing

The Importance of Nursing Theory

The nursing profession requires continued research to improve patient outcomes. When any type of crack in the way we care for patients as nurses is perceived, often a theory is offered to expand patient care and better their outcomes. This

What is a neonatal nurse?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse that specializes in working with newborn infants born with an assortment of issues ranging from being born premature, birth defects, surgical issues, infections, etc. I chose to follow this career field because I love

Effects of Online Games on Teenagers

The Gervacio De Ocampo Memorial Clinic was built and founded in 1947 at Sociego St., Sta Mesa, Manila as a clinic of twenty-five bed capacity. The Clinic was founded by the late Dr. Vicente R. De Ocampo in memorY of

Nurse to Patient Ratios on Labor and Delivery

Introduction             Registered nurses represent the largest single health care profession in the United States (Steinbrook, 2002). More than 1.3 million registered nurses work in hospitals in the United States (Needleman, Buerhaus, Mattke, Stewart, & Zelevinsky, 2002). Nurses are vital

Advance Nurse Practice

The health care industry provides a very promising future for anyone who wants to be part of it. I do and I believe that taking a Masters of Science in Nurse Practitioner would propel me to greater heights in my

Reflection on the Nurses Role in Health Promotion

            The World Health Organization’s Ottawa Charter for Health (1986) defines health promotion as the “process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health”. Health promotion is an extensive area of public health education that determines

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