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1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate.

The reasons people communicate are:

To share information: exchanging information with other staff , parents, children and regulators etc…. allows to take the best decision in each situation. It’s important to be able to identify problems and to explain them to other people. For example, if a child has once had an allergic reaction to eggs the parents need to tell the staff so that they know about it and will avoid giving the child this kind of food. To receive instructions: we need to listen to the information that parents give us about their children and we also need the right indications to work well in the nursery. Receiving all the necessary information and understanding it properly allows you to do a better work. For example parents have to inform the teamwork if the child is coming ill to the nursery so that the professional team adopts adequate measures. To give instructions: children need to understand and know clearly what they have to do.

The professional team should explain themselves clearly to be well understood by the children. For this purpose, we could use pictures, language body and many other possibilities to pass the message through. For example, we have to explain clearly to the children that they need to put themselves in line before crossing the street when they are outside. To develop and ease the learning: it is important to be able to communicate with each child to make it possible for them to acquire learning techniques and to develop social connections. The staffs have to know how to teach and to involve children in the activities and to use appropriate language and manners in order to develop and help them to grow up in a safe way. For example, explain clearly to the children what to do and support them in their decisions during an activity.

1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all suspects of work:

Effective communication has an impact on the work atmosphere and the work quality because it is an essential part to work with people and constitute our supporting pillar and development tool. It’s necessary to choose the right way to send your message and to ensure that it is understood properly. It is necessary to speak clearly to a child so that they can understand what he has been told. Using the effective communication with children enables them to feel respected and allows them to develop trust in you and feel safe in the environment. When speaking to a child you should talk at their level, use eye contact, have an appropriate language like using simple words and give them time to absorb what you are saying. You can use if it’s necessary pictures or body language.

The positives aspects of effective communication will influence all the children on the nursery. Using effective communication with an adult (for instance, colleagues at the work place) is also essential to create a friendly environment, to be respected by your colleagues, and to develop an effective teamwork. This effective communication has an impact as well on Parents; they will feel they are respected by the staffs and that the latter take into account their views. They will see that their children are respected and taken good care of. This is why it is important to show respect and confidentiality, to give feedback to the parent regarding their children and to speak clearly pointing out any relevant matter happened during the day.

1.3 Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reaction, when communicating with them:

When you are communicating with someone it is important to observe his/her reactions. It’s very important to consider the feeling of the person to whom you are talking and to take into account any facial and physical non-verbal expressions. By doing this we will be able to perceive how our interlocutor feels and to adapt our message or communication depending on each case.. Every person reacts differently, there are people more shy than other or people who have not the same way to express themselves. People express themselves unconsciously through body language and this can give you the opportunity to read their message, taking into account their personality, culture and religion. This is why it is therefore important to develop the skills to “read” children and adults by understanding their non-verbal as well as their verbal reactions. For example when we are speaking with someone who doesn’t speak the same language than us, we can observe that he is trying to focus on our eyes, that he seems to be very concentrated on our face and that he is doing weird faces. We can conclude then that he is trying to understand what we are saying.

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