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I chose the Masters in nursing degree because it has always been my dream to tap into emerging fields in healthcare delivery and to be on the forefront of a campaign that is geared towards ensuring that individuals with health needs are well-attended to within the acceptable standards and ethics that bind and govern the practice of patient-care. In light of these and other inherent desires of mine, to be of help to people in society, I am of the opinion that the Clinical Nursing Leader course when pursued at the Masters level, places me on the way to achieving my (complete sentence) ?

This dream of mine took root when I had to cater for a nephew who suffers from autism. This situation brought me to the grim realization that the practice of dealing with and caring for special-needs individuals requires a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses the expertise of all individuals involved but principally placing the health of the patient in to the right well-trained hands.

I believe an MS in the Clinical Health Leader program will prepare me for the dynamic nature of today’s healthcare industry. Being a generalist? course, it will not only afford me the needed business knowledge, but also groom me up to face challenging real-life situations that may come my way. Leadership training as well as good social networking are some additional reasons why I wish to pursue this program. In my opinion, a successful person is one that is well- rounded. Hence, I am actively involved in community activities (are you really?). Giving back to the community is of primary importance to me .On weekends, I engage in church activities including member visitations, church cleaning, hospital visitations, as well as Sunday service ushering.. I am also an active member of the Rotary Club. All of these activities re-enforce my skills in working in and leading a group, skills which are also valuable in my role as a clinical nurse leader.

This degree is also resonant with my plans to carry out research in health delivery and pursue a doctorate in Healthcare management in the future. I believe this will further broaden my horizon in appreciating healthcare delivery and management principles. I am a staunch proponent of the fact that the face of nursing with respect to healthcare delivery is changing and so as a progressive person I must change and adapt accordingly, with particular emphasis on our ability to employ and canvass multi-disciplinary action that works towards alleviating the healthcare concerns of the people we serve on a daily basis.

The Clinical Nursing Leader program is the exact avenue I am seeking, being that it touches on what I believe are the points upon which the current practice of nursing should approach in this ever-diversifying world. I believe that the emphasis on employing all sectors of the general society working hand in hand with today’s knowledge and skill-wielding is the direction that our current healthcare practice must fervently pursue and I believe that it is a path that is bound to produce positive results. (I think you should re-word this paragraph)

I believe in the concept of better care and attention for special-needs individuals, and hence a Masters degree in the Clinical Nursing Leader course will set me on the path of ensuring that healthcare practices are well-managed and that the care that is extended to these brothers and sisters of ours are well-tailored to their needs. This innovative course and the effective teaching styles offered by your academic institution are sure to make my goals and aspirations as real and concrete as life itself.

Gaining acceptance into the to the University of Maryland’s Nursing School, would give me the enabling environment I need to reach my educational goals, but more importantly, it would provide me with the means to continue to give back to my community, a responsibility that I would be honored to take.

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