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Obama Essays


Globalized era in United States

Choose a Voice21st century is a globalized era. Especially in United States, there are different products from different countries and different races of people with different voices from all over the world. In this way, people are supposed to have

Obama vs. Romney on Foreign Policy

            As the race to the most powerful seat on earth heats up, the aspiring candidates have gotten their pens and papers ready and busy to feed the electorates the contents of their manifesto and the miracles they are to

The US Election Case

Obama The current US president, Barrack Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii in US to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barrack Obama Sn. Part of Obama’s education was received in Jarkata where he went to local schools; Besuki Public

Obamas ‘Surge’ Plan

 Introduction             United States is among the list of developed countries in the world recognized as the First World Countries. The military, diplomatic and economic power it posses enables it to influence the governance of many nations either politically, socially

The Marketing of Obama

Introduction The victory of Barack Obama in the presidency represented a culmination for the unity of the American nation in ending the issue of racial segregation and the war against terrorism and in rallying for a new and promising future

Barack Obama

Thesis statement Barack Obama is beacon of hope not only to Americans but to the whole world as well. Since he started his campaign for the highest office in the land, Barack Obama has been delivering inspirational speeches full of

Barack Obama

In this persuasive essay of my choice Barack Obama, I will be presenting my argument using the three modes of persuasion known in Philosophy to convince the audience of its authenticity and credibility.  Ethos, the first mode of persuasion, depends

Obama vs. Clinton and the Game of Theory

“Game theory is a way of reasoning through problems…Game theory takes the logic behind complex strategic situations and simplifies them into models that can be used to explain how individuals reach decisions to act in the real world (http://www.answers.com/game+theory?cat=technology).” It

“The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama

The book “The Audacity of Hope” by Obama is, actually, the first political book aimed at serving Americans for good. Barack Obama, the author of the book, is very concerned with the problem of the government claiming that government should

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