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Obesity Research Summary Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Obesity is seen as a nation-wide health issue which affects mainly children and adolescents, which can result in problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and even depression causing these children to have very low self-esteem (Mayo Clinic 2014). There are a few ways in which this problem can be reduced including school based programs for the youth and community awareness. These school based programs should make a significant reduction and prevention of this issue by awareness from not only the community, as well as the school nurses. School nurses should integrate and influence these children to live healthier lifestyles with their profound knowledge and education of these factors because have a remarkable chance to make changes in the area of overweight as well as the childhood obesity.

This paper focuses on the background of the study method, ethical considerations as well as how the study results apply to the nursing education. Parents play the most essential role in preventing and reducing child obesity. They should ensure that they are giving their children a proper nutritious meal which includes foods from the four food groups. Incorporating this type of nutritious lifestyle into their daily routine can ensure adequate health results in not only the children, but the family as a whole. Therefore, it is very imperative that resources and education on food selection is provided while teaching the students. Exercising is also a key part in reducing obesity and weight gain as this allows one’s body to burn off excess fat that may be gained. Pamphlets will also be provided during the teaching session to ensure they are able to visualize a plan of action. Method of Study:

Using a qualitative approach as a focus group and discussion is how the collection of data was done for this study. Some nurse

s were selected from suburban to rural areas as a focus group. The topic questions were laid out to

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encourage discussions, clarify responses and detailed notes were taken for record purpose; all of the focused groups were either videotaped or audio taped. There were some apparent barriers which were divided into five categories listed below: family, individuals, interactions between nurses and families, societal and institutional. Some of the weight-related communications that were identified include family characteristics, fear of others reactions, nurses negative past experiences, and lack of motivation for a child and adolescents. Most of the nurses felt incompetent or inadequate as they found the information delivered to children, youth and families regarding obesity not well presented or passed across to them (Medscape 2010). A literature workshop will be more effective as it points towards more efficient results if given in an interactive format vs. a non-interactive format.

It will also be very helpful to assist nurse’s approach and interview techniques to help reduce communication barriers. A motivation interview is another technique that focuses on the patient’s principles and distress more than their goals. When nurses are properly educated and have the proper tools they need as well as distinction, expertise and impact in their environment, their job will be done with great results and a sense of respect. The staff wellness initiative was introduced as a way to ensure that the school nurse leads his/her peers on the focus of being healthy examples for children and their families. The study shows that more than 50% of the nurses believed that they had an responsibility to tackle and mediate in situations involving children who were obese or at risk for becoming obese regardless if this fit into their job description or not. It is fundamental to observe the advancement of eliminating barriers facing obesity, and instead focus on the development of new initiatives in research to improving weight-related communications.

In using these methods, patients and families should be assured of privacy protection and should also be able to understand what barriers the school nurses must face in awareness of this issue. In conclusion, in order to understand what barriers is a concern in allowing school nurses the appropriate and effective technique to resolve weight-related issues and how it may apply to nursing as a entirely, is a imperative approach towards reducing and removing weight related obstacles. It is also ultimately reigning victorious over the problem of reducing obesity in our society especially among children and adolescents. It is also an ethical consideration regarding any treatment or information given to be a factor that needs to be considered in using these theories expected to improve weight related issues.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC 24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting people. Steele R.G. (March 2011). School Nurses’ Perceived Barriers to discussing Weight with children and their Families: A Qualitative Approach, Journal of School Health, 81(3); 128-37(34ref). Health People 2020: Healthy Americans. Improving the Health of Americans & Obesity. (April 2009).

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