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Observation Checklist Essay Sample

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Observation Checklist Essay Sample

Permission Sought: T.C.’s Mother Setting: The observation took in the T.C. home where she lives with her parents four years old sister and grandmother. Immediate Context: T.C. is lying on the floor in her bedroom, his four years old sister is also in the room with her. T.C.’s bedroom is well exupit with suitable for her age toys and hardback books.

Child Observed: For the purpose of this observation i will refer to the child as T.C which i mean target child.  Brief description of child: T.C is a female age 13 months. She is staying at home with her mother father, older sister and grandmother. Both parents are working full time so the grandmother looks after T.C on daily basis. The Observation Aim and Rationale: My aim is to estimate the physical development of the child. My cause for doing this is to assess the gross and fine motor skill and assimilate them to the developmental norms.

The aim of the carrying out my observation was to observe the Target child physical development. I wanted to make sure she has reached the developmental norms. To observe the target child i used checklist.

In terms of gross motor skills I find that the target child has reached her developmental milstone. Target child is be able to sit on her own for quite long times and enjoy exploring objects and the sounds she can make with them while sitting on the floor. the floor unaided and play on the floor for a while, can also rise from lying down to sitting without help. T.C cant walk yet on its own but according to developmental norms (Child Development for students in Ireland) only about 50%of babies walk by 13 months.T. C can climb on the bed to reach toy she wanted to play with. In terms of fine motor skills, T. C can point the things she wants or knows using index finger for example when asked where is her sister or favorute toy. T.C also can and turn serval pages of the hardboard book. T.C’s pincer grasp is well developed, she can pick up small raisins and put them to her mouth. T.C was very good at taking things out and puting it back to the container. It proves that her hand-eye co-ordination are vell develop.

I also noticed that T.C was taking toys out the container using right hand, it shows preference for one hand but uses eitther. She cannot however control putting things down and often she drops the object to release it from her grasp. T.C. was putting some of the toys to her mouth. According to Piaget babies learn about their world throught the sense and their physical activity. Also Piaget belived that babys, toddlers between 0-18months were in sensori-motor stage of the development. She was able feeding herself in her high chair although she was more interested in squishing and feeling than the actual eating bit. According to my checklist i also observe that when T.C. was playing with the ball and the ball roll out the T.C view T.C. was very upset and strarted to cry. T.C was looking for it. According to Piaget babies and toddlers are extremly egocentric, which means that they can only see things from their own point of view, and they dont understand object permanence. I think that i provet thatTarget Child has reached developmental milstones related to fine motor skills.


I really enjoyed working on this observation. I felt that I learn a lot, the process has given me confidence in future carryng out a that methode of the observation. I learn a lot about physical norms of development of 13 months old child. I learn about difference between gross and fine motor skills. I learn about the importance of the confidentiality, also now i know that i always need parent or superviser permission to carry out observation. I learn about the code are used in the observation.

Having observe the Target child at walking with adult help i would recomend to provide wheeled toys to push and pull to promote confidence in walking. Provide equipment so that children can practice placing small items into containers. For example, let them drop clothespins into a plastic bottle. Provide containers with loose-fitting lids, and encourage child to open and close them. Enjoing some “floor time” with one-year-olds. Crawling around together, play peek-a-boo behind the sofa, or rolling a ball back and forth, would also extend theire gross motor skills.

Putting together an “everyday junk box” of items that are fun to feel, poke, and squeeze, including plastic margarine tubs, an old sock, tissue paper to crumple, measuring cups of different sizes, a turkey baster, a nylon scarf, an egg carton, and paper cups. Providing equipment so that child can practice placing small items into containers. For example, letting her drop clothespins into a plastic bottle also providing containers with loose-fitting lids, could encourage child to open and close them. Stacking small blocks one on top of the other is a challenging task. It demands good eye-hand coordination, fine motor control as well as good judgment of force and space. Letting child topple the mini-tower over and rebuild it again.

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