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In Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, there is a symbol for mostly everything. The boy’s characteristics to the old man are symbolic. He is symbolic to the man because the boy represents the old man’s strength. The old man wishes the boy were there when he was out at sea. Also the boy is symbolic to his memory. The boy reminds him of things, and when the old man forgets something, the boy is there to remember it for him.

One way the boy symbolizes old man is by his strength. The old man was trying to reel-in the fish and wishes the boy was there to help him, the old man frequently wishes that the boy was with him. The old man says, “I wish the boy were here” (56). The old man does not ask for the boy because he is lonely. He only wishes the boy were there when he lacks strength, which shoes he needs the boy’s strength. This makes the boy a symbol for the old man’s strength. Because of the boy’s strength, the relationship to the old man is symbolic.

The boy acts the old man’s son, remembering the first time the old man took the boy out fishing together. Hemingway states, “If you were my boy I’d take you out and gamble” (13). The boy represents the old man’s son. This shows the old man needs someone to be around and go fishing with, because fishing is a time where you can spend time with one another. The boy is representing what the old man wishes he had. He wishes he had a son he could go out and have fun with, and grow together with, be a role model for. This makes the boy symbolic by representing a son he never had, by spending time with him.

Memory of the old man is very weak, the boy represents his memory in many different ways, when they were discussing about the cast net. The old man forgot he had sold it, and the boy, remember for him. Hemingway states in the novel “There was no cast net and the boy remembers when they had sold it” (16). The old man is becoming very old and the boy is helping him with his memory. The old man is losing his memory because of his age and the boy is there to help. The way the boy is helping him and remembering everything for him is in a very symbolic way.

The boy is represented for many things. The old man’s strength is represented by the boy, the old man’s son, and the old man’s memory. He shows his strength when the old man is out at sea and was becoming weak when he was catching the fish. He wished that the boy was there to help him. The boy represents his son, the old man wishes the boy was his son in his mind, he wishes he would go fishing with the boy every day. The memory of the old man is becoming weak, the boy is young and can remember mostly everything because of his age. The boy is there for the old man when the old man needs to remember something. There is a special relationship between the old man and the boy and it shows that they mean a lot to each other.

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