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One direction are five boys Liam Payne harry styles zain Malik niall horan Louis Tomlinson I will be talking about them myself. Liam is the smart one he is daddy Payne. What the boys call him. His birthday is august 29, 1993. He loves chocolate. His favorite color is purple. He likes Pokémon and flick kick soccer. He likes to go bowling. Harry style is the flirt one. His birthday is feb 1, 1994 the youngest one. His favorite color is orange. His best friend his Louis Tomlinson. He like to watch family guy. He like play fifa he loves sweet corn. He like the Beatles and queen. He had a dog named max the last book he read was forever young.

Zain birthday is jan 1,1993. His favorite color is red he like to drink red bull. He like chicken. His best friend is Liam Payne. He had a dog named Tyson. He is always buying clothes. He like to see himself in the mirror a lot. Niall horan birthday is sep13, 1993.he is the funny one. He like pizza and nandos. He is the only one that is Ireland in the group the rest of them are from England. Louis birthday is dec 24, 1991 he is the oldest one his favorite color is red. His favorite dessert is cookie dough from pizza hut. He had a dog named ted. He did have a lot of sisters. He shop at top man. He is the leader. That is it

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