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With the development of technologies, the computer is playing an increasingly important role in our daily life, and it is also widely used in education. However, whether traditional education should be replaced by computers has caused heated debate. In my opinion, even if the computer can help teachers to teach students, it will never replace teacher’s work. Admittedly, the use of computers in education have important benefits for both students and teachers. First of all, online classes are more economical and convenient than traditional classes. For example, we can listen to online classes without leaving our homes and can stop at any time we want. But the traditional classes often spend a lot of time on the way to school, thus suffering from traffic jams or other things. In addition, online classes can take free courses and abundant resources on the Internet, so that we can obtain some resources at any time we want. But on the traditional classes, teacher often pass on knowledge from textbooks which update slowly, and theoretical knowledge not only limit the students’ creativity, but also not keep up with the times, thus it cannot be used in actual life and work.

What’s more, online classes often provide some simple questions about knowledge and skills they studied, students can answer these questions to complete their learning and reinforced. Moreover, online classes also can help teacher to manage their classes, thereby reducing their pressure and time on work. Compared with the computer, however, traditional classes are also indispensable to students, because teacher can ensure better learning effect. First, teachers can adjust their teaching process according to the degree of students, they can adapt their teaching methods to suit the students’ level, but not all of students are taken into account. Second, when students have some questions, teachers can help them out immediately. On the contrary, if we have doubts while we are listening to the online classes, no one can help us out right away, so we need to send emails and then wait for the reply for days or even for weeks. In addition, except for teaching knowledge and skills, students in the traditional classes also learn how to behave themselves, how to abide by regulations and how to adjust themselves to the society.

But the computer’s capacity is limited and it only be used to study. However, some students are also easily disturb by the enhanced computer functions to do another things, so that their learning efficiency can’t be guaranteed, hence attending traditional classes is very essential for students whose ability of independent study is not fully established. In conclusion, both online classes and traditional classes have their advantages and disadvantages in modern society. We not only need to learn about the learning situation of students by the interaction in traditional classes, but also cultivate the capacity of all aspects in both online classes and traditional classes. Therefore, I’m sure that both online classes and traditional classes will exist with each other in the future. This means that it is most feasible for us to combine these two ways of learning.

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