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Online gaming requires a network relay comprised of two components: on the company’s side, various computers take the roles of servers, and other computers (on the player’s side) work as clients. Clients are connected to the servers through the internet and thus a connection is maintained. When playing an MMORPG such as FFXI, FFXIV, or Aion, (or even any other online games which allow online interactions with other players) servers owned by companies essentially facilitate every action performed by each player. Any action, be it movement, shooting, using an ability or even emoting is checked and reported back as a “state of the world” message. After a “state of the world” message is received by the servers, they immediately redistribute it back to all other players to provide synced sounds and graphics.

There are two classifications of online games: ones that use centralized servers (MMOs), and others that use distributed servers (FPS such as Destiny, Halo, CoD). Centralized servers allow for a substantial amount of players to play simultaneously in sync. In this type of game, the existing game world continues to run 24/7 (so long as servers exist) hence changes occur whether or not a player is logged in or not. In a distributed server type of game, server software is stored within client’s PCs (or consoles). “State of the world messages” are then forwarded out to distributed servers which in turn relay information to master servers.


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