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Online Health-Summer Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What do teenagers dread the most? That’s right, having “The Talk” with one of their parents. But hopefully, everybody has it at some point in his or her life, and hopefully they have it before they become sexually active. Did you know that 47% of high school students are sexually active? This is why educating teenagers about safe sex is one of the most important and influential topics to study in a high school health course. If for some reason parents don’t do their job delivering “The Talk,” it is crucial that they get the proper sex education at school to ensure their safety. High school students experience peer pressure, tend to be careless, and don’t think about the consequences of their actions. According to the Statistics on Teen Pregnancy, “Nearly one million teen girls get pregnant each year”, and approximately 4 million teens get an STD each year. In high school, teenagers are constantly being exposed to new things, and being pressured to try dangerous things such as drugs, alcohol, and sex. Most teens may not see the correlation between these three things, but they are in fact linked with one another.

Many teens say they were intoxicated the first time they had sex, which caused them to have poor judgment and be more susceptible to the pressure of having sex. When teens, or really anybody is under the influence, they are more likely to forget or not think about using protection. If a teenage girl is involved with an older guy who already drinks, she will be pressured either directly or indirectly by him, and is most likely going to start drinking to fit in with him and to seem older. Teens that are sexually active in a relationship, and have complications in that relationship are more likely to start abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol because of the unnecessary stress it puts on them. Teens should be educated about sex so they are not pressured by their peers, or put in situations where they feel they can’t say no. All teens claim to know where babies come from, but somehow they keep getting pregnant. Teens should be educated about sex, so they can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Instead of using scare tactics and pushing abstinence, teens should be taught about safe sex. Abstinence is of course the best route to take, but not all teens will make that decision which is why they should at least be having saf

e sex. The younger the girl, the more fertile they are; this is why teenagers get pregnant so easily

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when they do not take the necessary precautions. It is so unfortunate to bring an innocent life into this world that most likely won’t grow up in a loving family with both parents. Family has a huge affect on a child’s growth and development. Daughters of teen mothers are 22% more likely to become a teen mother themselves. Also a teen girl’s body is not fit for carrying and having a baby. Pregnancy at a young age can lead to many complications including death of the mother or the baby.

“Children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely, which raises the chances of blindness, deafness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities”(Statistics on Teen Pregnancy). Teens should be educated on contraceptives, how to use them, and where to get them, so they don’t end up in these terrible situations. If a teenager cannot afford contraceptives, they should know that Planned Parenthood would give you condoms free of charge. It is also very important for teen girls to be educated on birth control. Not everybody realizes you can still get pregnant on birth control, and can still get STD’s and STI’s. “More than half of all people will have an STD/ STI at some point in their lifetime” (American Sexual Health Association). This is an extremely terrifying statistic, because some STD’s/STI’s are not curable. Teens are more susceptible to contracting an STD/STI which is why they should be educated about how to prevent them, how and where to get tested, and the necessary precautions to take when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Many girls are on birth control, and some girls decide to have unprotected sex because they think there is no danger if you can’t get pregnant. Sadly, if you have unprotected sex on birth control, you can first and foremost still get pregnant, and you can still get STD’s/ STI’s. Birth control does not prevent them, which is why contraceptives should be used at all times. Not all teens learn about STD’s/STI’s at home, which is why they should be educated at school. Some people may have contradicting opinions on this topic, but it is more important to educate teenagers so they can prevent unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and STI’s. For example, Christian’s believe in waiting for marriage to have sex, and may not want their children to learn about sex at school. They think the information they learn will pressure their children to have sex. It is completely understandable for parents to be concerned, but by wanting schools to stop teaching sexual education they are being selfish towards other teenagers.

Teenagers who are not Christian, and teenagers whose parents don’t educate them about sex need to be educated at school. Some parents feel strangers/teachers shouldn’t be teaching their children about sex, but again not all teenagers are getting the necessary education at home. Some kids feel more comfortable asking questions about sex to a health teacher. Many parents use scare tactics that teens will disregard, which is why they need to hear the truth from a professional.

If sexual education wasn’t taught in schools, teenagers would be getting pregnant more often, and catching STD’s and STI’s more often which should be prevented at all costs. Even though us teenagers dread “The Talk”, it is probably one of the most important talks to have growing up. More and more teens are having sex nowadays, and it is so important for teenagers to be educated. Unfortunately sex comes with big responsibilities and consequences. Millions of teenagers are getting pregnant, and getting STD’s/STI’s every year. No parent wants to come home to this kind of news, which is why it is critical that high schools continue to teach sexual education.

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