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Introduction of TOPIC

This study will determine the effect of online ordering of musical instruments on the sales enhancement.


Growing interest by consumers to point and click their way through nearly all aspects of daily life has fueled the Internet economy to develop services and sell products online. Some of the reasons why an increasing number of consumers buy items online are common to all Internet purchases, including better prices, larger selection, convenience and time savings. Home delivery of items purchased online is appealing to those for whom giving going out to shop is difficult for various reasons, such as physical disability, the need to care for small children, lack of adequate or convenient transportation and or a busy life style.

Buying and selling of items in the internet began to grow quickly, these strategies has been adopted by many company in today’s fast moving world on how they expand their market, on how they reach to their customers and give them an easy way to do business, thus establish better relationships by providing time savings and fast online business opportunity. The internet has been used as a primary source of advertising. Companies have created innovative advertising programs. The internet is changing the way we do business, the way we market, sell, service, distribute, communicate and work.

Statement of the Problem

To what extent does online or

dering of musical instruments affect the sales of the product? Specifically, it will seek answers to

the following questions: 1. What musical instruments stores use the online ordering? 2. What are the reasons for the use of online ordering?

3. How do customers perceive the marketability musical instruments in terms of:
* Price
* Quality
* Packaging
* There is a significant effect of the use of online ordering of musical instruments versus walk in buying. * That price, quality and packaging are factors that can affects in the marketability of the business.

Significance of the Study

This study will be beneficial to the following entities: * Musicians whose playing instruments as their source of income

* Parents

The result of the study will help the parents in assisting their children in terms of choosing places to buy musical instruments. * New businessmen or entrepreneurs who are interested to this kind of business.

* School administrations

The result of the study will guide school administrators in terms of choosing places to buy musical instruments needed by the school. * To the owners of musical instruments business, this study could help them to improve the status of their business and to maintain its marketability.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study was limited only to the selected musical instruments business or stores in the Meycauayan City. It included five to ten respondents who are the owners of the selected musical instruments stores in Meycauayan City and forty musicians specifically who plays the ff: instruments

* Guitars
* Drums
* Piano or Keyboard

Data gathering employed the questionnaire, which the researcher admits, limited. Thus, the questionnaire was supplemented by interview. The study focuses to five to ten musical instruments business in Meycauayan City and forty musicians who play guitars, drums and piano as their source of income. Findings of the study, therefore, are true only for the subject concerned and for the given period of time.

Definition of Terms

Online – It refers to computer technology and telecommunication. It indicates a state of connectivity on the Internet. Musicians – A person who plays musical instruments, profession or musically talented. Marketability – It is the status of being salable of musical instruments business

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