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This study would not have been possible without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study.

First and foremost, our utmost gratitude to Mr. Macky Dave Noguet, our System Analysis and Design Instructor whose sincerity and encouragement we will never forget and he also has been an inspiration as we hurdle all the obstacles in the completion this research work.

Secondly, we thank Ms. Leslie Sagaran for approving the conduction of this study. Thirdly, we thank our fellow classmates and friends who helped us to strive better.

Last but not the least, we thank our family and the one above all of us, the omnipresent God, the Creator and the provider of our strength and knowledge in order to make this study successful.


The influx of an online ordering system greatly affected what tends to be done in a matter of the blink of an eye. An online ordering system permits a customer to submit online orders for items and/or services from a store that serves both walk-in customers and online customers. The online shopping system presents an online display of an order cutoff time and an associated delivery window for items selected by the customer. The system accepts the customer’s submission of a purchase order for the item. In addition, available service windows are presented to the customer…

Nowadays, time is very important that’s why big and small companies view time as one of the first things to prioritize before starting a business. Investing of computers is another way to save time. It also means less effort and fewer expenses, which will help the company to optimize their production.

The proponents dedicated to convert the manual system into automated system because most of the companies are now using programmed system. In the present generation there are many instant ways on how to buy products. Going directly to the store is sometime is a hassle thing to do. You would feel disappointed if the product that you want is already out of stock. In order to lessen the inconvenience, most business perform an online ordering system through innovations of technology, some businesses today are engaging in an online ordering system to help them to easily distinguish the company’s product through advertisement with the use of online technology.

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