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Online Ordering System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“The Mushroom House” started serving their customers since this early 2013. They have 10 crews and 20 tables. The restaurant serving 10 – 14 customers during weekdays and 18- 24 customers during weekends and holidays. They are located at Ortigas Extension, Cainta, Rizal. They’re main menu consists of different types of pizza. One of their specialties is their “Make your own Pizza” feature. They are serving dine-in, take-out and deliveries with Taytay and Cainta areas.

The Mushroom House has its own process that provide inconvenience to their customers. The crew manually taking the orders of the customers by writing it in a small piece of paper the same as taking orders of delivery from phone/landline. Currently, customers of The Mushroom House are mostly smart phone users. With this, it is only obvious that one of the best way to reach out to their customers is through a Mobile application. The mobile application will provide the same features as the website.

Big or small restaurants usually operate their transactions manually similar to our client. Human error is one the problems when it is done manually. Manually taking of orders and visualizing the food being ordered is the main problem of the The Mushroom House and their customers, and we proposed a system consist of different modules E-menu and Web and Mobile base system to help the crew and customers of The Mushroom House. This proposed system will enhance the customer experience also an improved way of taking orders and showing of restaurant dishes which includes an E-menu. The Web and Mobile modules will help the customers demand during online transaction and to track customers feedback from online survey.

Nowadays, modern technology is quite prompt that everything we do is accompanied by a gadgets. It helps our work happen to be efficient and fast. Some restaurant use technology to resolve the loss of man power and help to make things easier for their customer, crew and management.

Project Context
Our proposed topic has 3 major system consist of E-Menu and Web and Mobile base system. Each system has its specific features to improve the daily operation of the The Mushroom House. By both having restaurant dine-in, take-out and delivery services, management of menu orders is difficult for the crew to handle. During peak hours of the restaurant, crew members are often making mistakes in taking the orders of the customers. Also, most of the time, customers are finding a hard time visualizing the pizzas and other foods they are ordering. This is because the menu of the The Mushroom House is only in a simple laminated paper with limited images. In this modern time, the The Mushroom House does not have their website.

The E-menu is a electronic menu most likely a tablet computer consist of restaurant menu, The Web and Mobile base is a system that will not only make them present in the online world but will serve as an Ordering System. Objectives

General Objectives
In order to come up with an efficient E-menu and Web and Mobile base system, the researchers had come up with a general objective as a guide to achieve the expected output the statement below provides the general idea of the proposed system.

The General objective of the study is to provide an E-Menu and Web and Mobile base system for The Mushroom House that can prov

ide efficient work for the crew and convenience to the customers of the The Mushroom House. Specific

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To be more specific to the aim of having E-Menu and Web and Mobile base system, The researchers had come up with the specific objectives that will show how the provide system will be a great solution to the problems of The Mushroom House. These Specific objectives are:

Registration module to retrieve personal information of the customers Login
module to secures customers order
E-Menu consist of restaurant dishes and meals
← Tablet computer to input the food orders
← Tablet computer is also applicable to take-out option • Web and mobile to provide online ordering system
• Customers table reservation
• Tracing and reporting
← Track Customer’s feedback from online surveys

← To store customer’s data

← Send email or text update or promo to their customer

Scope and limitations of the study
This study is mainly focused on creating an E-Menu and Web and Mobile base system for The Mushroom House. This system includes the registration of the customers that will store the customers information and will also include Web and Mobile base ordering system which will accommodate the customers order during restaurant hours. The system would allow customers receive restaurant updates and promo it can also reserve a table through web and mobile, This study tries to look for a better impact of using technology today, and how it can affect the restaurants daily process, it aims to integrate all of the customers orders and create the most suitable E-menu for the restaurant.

Thus, it will be limited to the customers payment during delivery The Mushroom House will accept cash payment only upon delivery and no payment information will be stored in the system to ensure security is not compromised.

Significance of the Study:
For The Mushroom House
The importance of applying the new Integrated Ordering System, the Restaurant Management will be given full control of their menu offerings, orders from in-store, take-out and delivery. The manual way of taking the orders poses some inconveniences and potential errors since they are being done through paper and pen. The proposed system is an integrated solution targeting the ease of use and fast processing of food orders. For In-Store dining, Menu cards will then be replaced by an E-Menu. The order taker will also use a tablet computer to input the food orders of their customers. This would also be applicable to Take-out option. While for Delivery services, the patrons of the restaurant will use an Online System to place their orders. A website and a mobile application will be the available means.

This system would have the Report tool. With this, detailed reports on sales, customers data can be obtained. Especially, if the Restaurant is planning to have additional branches in the future. At the same time, by using the customer data, the Restaurant Management can track customer feedbacks from online surveys. Then, another benefit of the system would be for the Marketing of the Restaurant. The Management can easily send Emails or Text to their customers with offers on their Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

For the Customers
This E-Menu will be used by the Customers to view the food that they would like to order. Images or videos of the full menu offerings of the restaurant will be presented through the use of a tablet computer. The order taker will also use a tablet computer to input the food orders of their customers. This would also be applicable to Take-out option. While for Delivery services, the patrons of the restaurant will use an Online System to place their orders. A website and a mobile application will be the available means. With the use of the Online Ordering System, we can say that this will provide convenience not only to the management but to the customers as well. Orders being taken through phone conversations can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between the two lines. At the same time, Customer Personal Information being recorded by the crew can also be incorrectly gathered through phone. These are some of the issues being addressed by the Online Ordering System, through the Website and the Online application.

For the researchers

This project implements the concept of modernizing the usual restaurant menu, It is a concept which is designed to make use of the advantages of technology present today, This study will practice and apply the knowledge of acquired by the developer in the field of programming and web design. This study will also enhance the researchers teamwork, patience, discipline and time managements.

For the future researchers
It opens an opportunity to future researchers who are keen to create a system that is related to the restaurant system. Thus, generating new innovative ways and ideas in relation to computer programming as well as web design, that will serve as a reference and guide to future researchers.

Definition of terms
E-Menu – A list of available dishes or meal, especially as displayed on a tablet screen or any gadgets that serve as the menu of the restaurant. Web base- Provides access to a single software system over the Internet for users wherever they are using a Web-browser. Mobile base – Provides access to a single software system over the Internet using mobile phones.

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